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Top Ten frightening state fair foods

The idea for this week's list comes from Owl Meat Gravy, who reminded me that it is the time of year for "disgusting fried state fair food."

The Howard County Fair opened its week-long run Saturday. The Maryland State Fair is Aug. 27 to Sept. 6.

So without further ado, here is the list:


Top Ten frightening state fair foods

1. Deep-fried butter


This is the creation of Abel Gonzales Jr., the culinary genius behind a range of deep-fried innovations at the State Fair of Texas. The fried butter took the Texas fair's "most creative" award when it was introduced last year. I think it should also have won "most homicidal."

2. Deep-fried Coca Cola

Two nutritional villains come together in this 830-calorie diet buster, another Gonzales creation. 

3. Chicken-fried bacon

No chickens were harmed in the creation of this treat.

4.  Doughnut burger

Attention, McDonald's bun-maker John Paterakis: Krispy Kremes are moving in on your territory.

5. Turkey Legs


Take a lean protein, supersize it, leave it in its skin, deep fry it -- and create a 1,100-calorie monster, according to

6. Deep-fried cheesecake

State fair concessionaires aren't the only ones peddling this artery clogger. So's Paula Deen. That should tell you something.

7. Deep-fried mac-n-cheese

See Paula Deen warning, above.

8. Deep-fried Twinkies 


9. Deep-fried lattes

Another culinary gift from Texas

10. Deep-fried guacamole

Take a heart-healthy fat and crisp it up in an unhealthy one. Evens out, right?

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