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Sweet Sin's second liquor board hearing is today

Sweet Sin Cupcakes and Cafe's controversial plans to open a restaurant with a liquor license will get a second look at a 1 p.m. liquor board hearing today.

The Remington bakery, which offers gluten-free desserts, wants to open a restaurant and bar next door.


Neighbors appear to be split over the idea of a new bar opening in the 'hood: the Charles Village Civic Association is for it, as long as it closes a couple hours earlier than 2 a.m. But the Remington Neighborhood Alliance is against the restaurant serving alcohol altogether.

In July, the liquor board sided with the upset neighbors, and denied Sweet Sin a liquor license ...


As you may imagine, a restaurant without alcohol doesn't present the best business model. Though he was against it at first, owner Richard D'Souza now seems amenable to the idea of opening a restaurant with adjusted hours if he can sell booze. He and his lawyer petitioned the liquor board for another hearing, and will plead their case again today.

Liquor board chairman Stephan Fogleman, whom I spoke with this morning, is expecting a fracas.

"It's going to be heated," said liquor board chairman Stephan Fogleman.

If approved, the new restaurant would offer a gluten-free menu. No word yet on whether it would also offer gluten-free drinks. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of the hearing.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor)