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Orioles: Trade deadline revisited

In case you're a Ravens-partial Baltimore sports fan who doesn't know how to properly work a remote control, the Orioles lost to the Indians, 4-1, last night. Still, the Orioles went 8-2 in their first 10 games under new manager Buck Showalter, which has Birdland buzzing again, at least for the moment.

Showalter took over three days after the non-waiver trade deadline. Only two Orioles players -- Miguel Tejada and Will Ohman -- were dealt before the deadline. Meanwhile, some of the players who could have been traded -- and maybe should have been traded --  have played key roles in the Orioles' recent resurgence. (You'd play better, too, if you no longer had to worry about moving your family across the country.)


Luke Scott is batting .385 in August with four homers and 10 RBIs. Ty Wigginton has hit .317 with two homers and seven RBIs. Starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is still in full-on beast mode, and reliever Koji Uehara continues to be effective.

The Orioles are hot right now, and these guys have all played a part, but will hanging onto them be worth it?


I'm torn. I could make arguments for both sides here.

There's something to be said for the young players actually experiencing team success at the major-league level. If the Orioles can keep it going and finish the season strong, those positive vibes will carry over to the 2011 season.

But had the Orioles unloaded another player or two -- remember, they still can before the waiver trade deadline -- they could have brought in a few more prospects, even if they were mid-tier ones. The Orioles must continue to stockpile assets in their farm system.

Remember, a lot of you giggled when the Orioles traded Ohman to the Marlins for Rick VandenHurk (his name might have been the main reason for the laughter). Now there's talk VandenHurk could join the big-league rotation next month.

Just something to think about.