OK, you guys know that I have watched a lot of reality television -- and thus I have seen a lot of finales. But tonight finale of Last Comic Standing ranks among the weirdest, most surreal I've ever been subjected to.

Did I hallucinate Gloria Gaynor singing "I Will Survive"?


Did the judges deliver some of the worst punchlines ever to see a stage during their featured segments?

Did the most consistently funny guy left on the show really come in fifth place?

Was Craig Robinson really in old-guy makeup and performing a song for reasons that escape me?

Did the top five jokes of the season really include a line about Lifetime that was probably uttered two minutes after Lifetime went on the air?

At least Kathy Griffin was hilarious as usual, but it seemed like she was on some other show.

So yeah ... Myq Kaplan got ousted first, then Mike DiStefano, then Roy Wood Jr.

After an hour and forty minutes (!!!) of buildup, the final two got to perform. Felipe Esparza was funnier than I'd seen him since his audition (but keep in mind that I missed a lot of this season). Tommy Johnagin was amusing, but seemed really nervous and choppy and kept stepping on his own lines (or is that just his delivery?).

At long, long last, the winner was announced, and it's Felipe Esparza.

The prize is $250,000, by the way. And more confetti than I think we even saw on American Idol.