Jordan reacts to signing first-round pick Manny Machado to $5.25 million signing bonus

Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan walked over to the press box to meet reporters, and he started his talk by saying, "We got a new player." Indeed, they did.

Machado agreed to terms on a $5.25 million signing bonus, the second-largest the Orioles have ever given out. Matt Wieters got the largest at $6 million. On a side note, the Orioles also agreed to terms with 19th-round pick Kenny Wise, a right-handed pitcher out of Santa Fe JC. That means the Orioles signed 39 of their 49 draft picks.

Here are Jordan's thoughts:

Opening statements: "We got a new player. It went like we thought. We had a really good read on the financial side of it, what it was going to take. Again, it played out till the end. We’re very happy. I’m not going to release the terms. They’ll be out there pretty soon, but it’s a good deal for the club and the player."

On when the agreement was reached: "I think there was about three minutes left. It’s one of those things where in these negotiations: It’s very, very tough to stay with what you spent three or four months trying to figure it out. It gets real testy. Andy [MacPhail] did a good job trusting the information that we had. But again, this is a good thing for the player and for us. I think it’s really good."

On whether he ever felt it might not get done: "Part of these negotiations, you obviously have those feelings. You do. We worked really hard on this one as far as trying to figure where it was going to go and what it was going to take, and we just stuck with our guns."

On his main worry from the process: "It’s just the baseball guy in me, I hate that the players aren’t out there playing. I understand it. I know we have to go through this. It’s nice to look forward to the day where we can get a signing deadline that’s a lot earlier than this because the same players that signed tonight are going to sign by the deadline, whether it’s the 15th of July or the 1st of July. You’re going to get your players, and then you’ll have them out playing. But that’s the only thing. It played like we thought it was going to play."

On when the physical is scheduled: "We’re going to get on the phone and try to get all that set up as soon as possible. We’re going to shoot for the end of the homestand. Whether that’s doable or not, I don’t know."

On when Machado will play this year: "If we can him in and get him through his physical, we’re going to have to evaluate what kind of condition he’s in. He’ll go to Florida, go to Ed Smith and be a part of the [Gulf Coast League]. If he’s in good enough condition, we’ll see if we can extend his season, but it won’t be very long, obviously."

On MacPhail's involvement: "He’s always been involved. We’ve been through this enough together. You push buttons at different times. This one kind of played out like we thought."

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