Jared Gaither finally cleared the air on why he had missed 2½ days of practice earlier in the week, and the offensive tackle chalked it up to nothing more than overworking a body that is getting accustomed to the rigors of training camp.

"I had a couple cramps," he said after Tuesday's morning session. "I dropped a couple pounds over the summer just preparing for a great season. I lost a little bit more than I was anticipating and cramped up a little bit my first time out there. I'm back now, and I'm fine."


As has been documented, the 6-foot-9 Gaither has shed 29 pounds from his previous playing weight of 340 pounds. Gaither underwent some blood tests on Monday, but the results were negative.

Gaither also discussed his weight loss, which has emerged as an issue. The noticeably slimmer Gaither had said that he dropped the weight to alleviate any undue stress on foot and toe injuries that had plagued him last season.

But coach John Harbaugh sounded somewhat displeased about Gaither's transformation, and Gaither revealed that he had not broached the coaches about losing weight during the offseason.

"No, we had not previously talked about it," he said. "I wasn't planning on losing this much weight, but that's done now and we're looking forward to put it back on."

Gaither added, "To me, the weight, that's not a big problem. I'm focused on playing football and making sure that I'm 100 percent. Coach Harbaugh, anything he has to say, I'll abide by it and continue to work."

Gaither said he has had conversations with the coaches about adding some weight, but he wouldn't specify how many pounds would be sufficient. "We talked about it," he said mysteriously.

Finally, Gaither dismissed speculation that the weight loss would make him better suited at left tackle rather than right tackle -- the positions that he has been rotating at with Michael Oher. "Whatever position I play, my weight will be fine," he said.