Baltimore Sun

Fullback not a new position for Cody

Remember that drive in the Ravens' 17-12 victory over the Carolina Panthers Thursday night during which rookie defensive tackle Terrence Cody lined up as a blocking back for fullback Le'Ron McClain?

Certainly, the Ravens must've practiced that a multitude of time during training camp, right?



"Just once," said Cody, the team's second-round pick in April's draft.


Cody, who said he had played fullback at every level of organized football, said he was prepared to line up at that position against Carolina.

"Yeah, before the game, they told me that the first time we get into goal-line or short-yardage, we were going to run the play with me at fullback," he said.

Cody's only miscue was moving before the ball was snapped on third down-and-3 from the Panthers' 5-yard line, which earned the offense a false start and Cody a quick conference with coach John Harbaugh.

"I thought he snapped the ball because I saw him move," Cody said of quarterback Joe Flacco. "And then it was all over."

Nevertheless, Cody had a pretty good outing at his more natural position. His five tackles placed him in a tie for second with linebacker Antwan Barnes and strong safety Haruki Nakamura, and he had one tackle for a loss.

"Yeah, I surprised myself a whole lot because this being your first game, you never know how you can play," Cody said. "I just played how I played. Everything I learned from practice and the veterans, I used that in the game, and it helped me out a lot."