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Running it back:


The Ravens on Thursday night beat the Panthers in their first presason game, and here's a bunch of tidbits on what went down. ... The Buckimore Orioles lost to the Indians, 4-1. ... The Orioles signed their third-round draft pick, Daniel Klein.

Los links!!!:

1. James Walker's seven observations from Thursday night's Ravens-Panthers game [ESPN]

2. John Eisenberg's thumbs up and thumbs down for the Ravens [CSN Baltimore]

3. Mike Preston: No starter stepping up at right tackle [Baltimore Sun]

4. Donte' Stallworth: 'Be cognizant of your decisions' [Yahoo!]

5. The "Monday Night Football" crew questioned Marc Bulger's passion [Ravens Insider]

6. Is putting Tom Zbikowski on punt returns too risky? [Purple Chaos]

7. Brad Bergesen revisited [Dempsey's Army]

8. The Orioles could go with a six-man rotation in September [Orioles Insider]

9. Miguel Tejada's tank is full after playing third base for the Orioles [S.D. Union-Tribune]

10. The Buckimore Orioles are apparently a hit down in D.C. [D.C. Sports Bog]

11. Wrapping up the Maryland football media day [Turtle Soup]

12. Who's on the Capitals' Mount Puckmore? [On Frozen Blog]


You said it:

"I can't WAIT to see Anquan Boldin rip down the far sideline and catch a deep ball from "The Golden Unibrow". This team is poised for a deep run. Anyone made reservations in Dallas...?" -- j-bigs was excited to see Boldin on Thursday night

This guy also said it:

"'You basically hold your breath and you pray.' Reminds me of watching [Kyle] Boller. It was like watching a baby deer learn how to walk." -- Jordan can kind of empathize with John Harbaugh

Today's water cooler question (your response could be published in b):

Who impressed you most in the Ravens' first preseason game?

Video of the morning:

Mini golf fail (but shouldn't this girl be wearing a helmet?)

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