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Baltimore: city of salad eaters?

I’m always skeptical of those city-by-city rankings cooked up to serve corporate marketing needs. 

Take the recent study by Dole that claims Charm City is "among the top U.S. salad cities."

"The exhaustive, 18-month research effort, part of the company's relaunch of its reinvented DOLE Salads and All Natural DOLE Salad Kits lines, surveyed the in-store buying habits and in-home consumption trends of prepackaged salad consumers throughout the United States and Canada," the company's news release says.


"'Despite its reputation for seafood, Baltimore is among the most sophisticated salad markets in the country and home to an increasing number of salad lovers,' said Chris Mayhew, senior brand manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables," the release continues. "'Our research found that salad consumers here are much more likely to use salad as a meal or as the basis for creative new lunch and dinner entrees. From a salad standpoint, Baltimore is a trendsetter.'"

Dole claims to have come to this conclusion about Baltimore by measuring "per-capita [salad] consumption, the potential for consumption or the intention to serve salad as a meal."


Look around?

Does Baltimore look like a city full of salad eaters?

Maybe we're a city of "potential" salad eaters who somehow get sidetracked and inhale lots of Berger cookies instead.

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