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Beware of the Freshman 15

Beware all you skinny teenagers getting ready to start college.

The Freshman 15 beckons.

It's a weight gain that has creeped up on generations of first-year college students.


There's so many reasons why it happens. You're on your own and able to eat all the junk you want. Late night study sessions over pizza. You're not participating in as much team sports.

No matter the reason, it's a problem at college campuses all across the country.


But you can fight those extra pounds and leave your first year as slim as you started it.

Here are some tips from Ryerson University:

1. Don't let a heavy load of classes and studying prevent you from eating regular meals. Pack healthy options, such as tuna or dried fruit, so you're not turning to fast food.

2. Don't skip breakfast. Eat something that is high fiber and also has protein.

3. Try choosing the lower-calorie, lower-fat option when eating - a wrap instead of a burger, a salad instead of fries.

4. Don't eat out the bag of chips or box of crackers. You'll consume too much. Instead, measure out a portion.

5. Drink water instead of soda, beer or juices filled with sugar.

6. Keep healthy snacks in the room for when you get the munchies -- nuts, yogurt, carrots, pretzels.


7. Try not to eat late at night as hard as it is when you're stressed and studying for an exam. If you do eat, choose healthy snacks such as fruit.

8. Find out if your campus dining halls offer vegetarian options.

9. Keep a food journal and routinely weigh yourself.

10. Walk instead of driving or taking the campus shuttle.

11. Inrease your fiber intake.