Baltimore Sun

At last! Septimius The Great has arrived!


All hail the glorious arrival of Baltimore emperor/hip-hop champion/fashion icon, the legendary Septimius The Great! (Make sure you wear headphones when you click on that link.)

In case you weren't aware, he is almost 2,000 years old. He sits on a throne of naked people. He raps in slow motion. He cannot be defeated.


Behold, his glorious introductory rap:

He is known for being successful
and defeating them all
During the year of the five emperors,
he was the last one standing tall.



He has reigned superior,
and his legacy is here to stay.
He's almost 2000 years old
and has reinvented himself today ...

He is here to erect
A new city to call home
Septimius presents
The new city of Rome.

This is a new world
Of love, fashion and lust
You will find this new sound
To be exciting
And a must.

So lend me your mind
Body and ear
Without further adieu,
The new Rome
Is here.

Septimius will blind you with fashion, and crush you with his deadly rhymes.

All shall bow before the might and splendor of Septimius the Great!

(Photos by Robert Mercer Jr. Photograpy)