'America's Got Talent': Wild-card results are in!

Here's Chris in KS, reporting on tonight's AGT results. Feels like this season has been on for like four years!

Welcome back for the live wildcard results show! Tonight we find out what second-chance acts will be moving on to the semi-finals. They're calling acts to the stage, so let's get to it!


Tonight's first group includes the Krudi Dance Academy, Michael Grasso, Swing Shift Sideshow, and Rudi Macaggi. The wife and I are both fully convinced that Michael Grasso will be moving on. Sharon has two acts represented in this group from her selections. And the act moving on to the semi-finals is Michael Grasso! After such a great performance last night, this one was pretty much a no-brainer. Sharon's advice to Michael is to keep raising his game, and says that bigger is better.

Up after the commercial break is magician Criss Angel. He tells us, and the judges verify, that he is being put into a genuine straitjacket. The judges then buckle him into the straitjacket, and he will now proceed to perform Harry Houdini's famous upside down escape from a straitjacket. Houdini did this trick in 5 minutes, and Criss has just completed this trick in under 1 minute. He then was lowered into a truck that his assistants sealed shut. A woman then slithers out from the side of the stage and climbs onto the trunk. A flash of lights and some smoke and Criss appears standing on top of the box and the lady is magically inside the trunk. This was a way different act than what AGT has been bringing us the last few weeks.


The next acts called out to the stage are Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG, and Anna & Patryk. The wife thinks that Anna & Patryk will be moving on, and I think I'm leaning towards RNG. We get to listen to 5 minutes of Piers saying why Howie's choice of Hot Shot Tap Dancers and Sharon's selection of RNG aren't good enough and why he is so smart for bringing back Anna & Patryk. And Nick tells us Anna & Patryk are indeed moving on! The wife thinks we are in a competition and that she just got a point up on me. How rude!

Nick immediately calls the next group on stage. He calls CJ Dippa and Connor Doran out to the stage. The wife tentatively selects Connor Doran, and I'm sure of my vote of Connor Doran. Nick tells us that it is indeed Connor Doran moving into the semi-finals! Howie tells Connor that he is so proud of him, and that next time he is going to have to step up his act even higher. He says that he was even contacted by Howard Stern today and Connor was Howard's favorite act as well. Crazy!

After the next commercial break we are treated to Leann Rimes in a swimsuit singing a remake of John Anderson's "Swingin'." The whole performance was very upbeat and it turned into a very "Beach Blanket Bingo" type scene with all her back-up dancers. Kind of weird really…

Tonight's final group of acts that are left vying for the last spot in the semi-finals are Doogie Horner, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, and Harmonica Pierre. Reluctantly the wife and I think that Michael & Ashleigh will be moving on. I say reluctantly because we both love Harmonica Pierre. But Michael & Ashleigh were so good last night that we think they will get the nod. Nick starts off by telling us that Doogie Horner will definitely not be moving on. And cue another set of commercials for the judges to decide who they are going to put through to the next round.

After the break it's time for the judge's selections. Piers really liked Michael & Ashleigh's performance last night, but thinks that Pierre's performance last night was so much better that he has to go with him. Sharon stays true to her selections of bringing Michael & Ashleigh back to the show, and selects them to move on to the semi-finals. Howie starts off by apologizing to Pierre for buzzing him at the beginning of his performance last night. He then says that he has to go with the act that he thinks has a better shot of being a headlining act in Las Vegas, and that is Michael & Ashleigh!

Right away Nick tells us the line-up for the first 12 acts that will be performing next week in the first semi-final show. Those acts are: Future Funk, Kristina Young, Antonio Restivo, Christina & Ali, Ascendance, Taylor Mathews, Dan Sperry, ArcAttack, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Connor Doran, and Anna & Patryk.

There you have it America, finally the semi-finals are set. Joining the other acts are Michael Grasso, Anna & Patryk, Connor Doran, and Michael & Ashleigh. Did your favorite acts make it through? Are you disappointed that anyone didn't make it? Let us know what you thought, and join us next week for the first part of the semi-finals!