Tonight AGT brings us the top acts that people from all over the US have submitted via YouTube.  We have the top act that America voted for on YouTube, plus 11 other acts that the judges have selected to be on the show.  As Piers says, this should be the most unpredictable show they've ever had.  And once again, it's the highly unpredictable Chris in KS to bring you all the action of tonight's episode!

Tonight's first act is called Plutonic, which is a singing group from Tacoma, Washington.  They are a group of college guys that are an a cappella singing group.  They are all wearing dorky looking sweaters with bowties and really thick glasses.  They start off with some harmonizing, then break into their version of Flo Rida's "Low", and it's actually pretty entertaining.  Piers says they are really cheesy, but it's very funny and well done, and he liked it.  Sharon said they were entertaining and very likeable, but she doesn't care for a cappella singing groups and couldn't stand their act.  Howie said they are definitely talented and thinks people would go see an act like theirs.


The next act up tonight is a boy named Dylan Plummer, who is 12 years old and from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is apparently some crazy jump roping freak.  In the intro they showed that he hurt his leg during rehearsals.  He has a bunch of other boys with him on stage to start off his act where it looks like he's going to play some basketball with them and has some cheerleaders behind him on the other side of the stage.  It appears he's going to shoot some free throws but instead he starts doing some tricks with the jump rope.  Midway through, 2 of the cheerleaders come out and he starts doing some crazy tricks while they are swinging around 2 really long jump ropes.  He puts a lot of trust into those 2 girls to get his performance right, and they come through.  Sharon said he has some very quick feet and he should be very proud of himself.  Howie tells him that he sees a future in this act, but doesn't think it's quite there yet.  Piers said that he was ready for him to make a lot of mistakes, but he didn't make many and Piers said he was very impressed.

The YouTube episode continues on with Pup, who is an accordion playing dog.  Pup's owner said that he bought Pup from a shelter for $50.  They come out on stage, and instead of Pup playing the accordion we get to listen to his owner sing an old country song.  The poor little dog tried to play the accordion, but apparently it was broken and the dog tried to play it, but instead just gave up, so we got to listen to 2 minutes of him singing while the dog stared at him and wondered why he was still singing and not paying attention to him.  Howie tried to be funny and said something about the dog getting the owner to sing and play a guitar while he watched.  Piers (who gave them an X) said that the dog was playing well at the beginning, but then the apparatus broke and the act "went downhill from there".  Sharon was upset and thinks that since there was technical glitches that they should get to perform again.  Something tells me we won't be getting a re-do, although the wife is really upset and definitely agrees with Sharon.  There's live TV for you…

Up after the break is Cam Hodges.  He is a 20 year old singer from Snohomish, Washington.  He comes out singing "Break Your Heart" which is yet another Taio Cruz song.  (How is it I've never even heard of this guy before last week???)  I think he does a very good job singing it, and we'll see what the judges have to say.  Piers asks him what it's like to perform in front of millions of people and he said it was incredible.  Piers says that it definitely wasn't perfect, but there were parts that were brilliant.  Sharon said he has a very strong voice and his confidence showed through tonight.  Howie thinks he definitely has a shot to go further than this episode and that he put up a very strong performance.

Ryan Rodriguez is tonight's next act.  He works in the family plumbing business, but his true passion is dancing.  He comes out dressed like some sort of street fighter or something.  He is dancing to the Black Eyed Peas "Pump It" and does a street fighting "act".  Piers X's him part way through the performance.  Sharon said that he's a good dancer as Piers tried to butt in and say that it wasn't actually dancing.  Sharon tells him to shut up, and tells Ryan that he needs a group to perform in.  Howie says he doesn't think it's dancing either, but says that Ryan is good at it, but he just isn't sure what "it" is.  Piers says he preferred his YouTube act much more than tonight's act, and thought it was rather boring.

The next YouTube act up tonight is Austin Anderson, who is from Omaha, Nebraska.  Austin is a mechanic by day, and a comedian by night.  He starts off telling a lot of jokes about having Facebook on his phone.  Apparently Piers doesn't like Facebook, because he X's him right away.  Honestly, I probably would have X'd him if I were one of the judges as well.  Howie thinks he was a funny guy, but didn't think the material worked well for a 2 minute segment.  Piers just didn't think he was funny.  Sharon thinks it was the wrong material and that Piers should shut up and let her talk.

Immediately we go into Booker Forte.  Booker is a self-taught dancer from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He is dancing to "Oh My Gosh" by Usher.  Piers X's him about a fourth of the way through his performance.  Piers tells him it's a problem when some of his back-up dancers are better than him, and said that we have already seen better dancers than him before.  Sharon said it was missing that "something special" that every dance act should have to make it through.  Howie agreed with Sharon and said he saw some of Ushers moves and some moves that looked like they were Haspop, but nothing that was unique to Booker.

Tonight's next act is Pizza Patt.  Patt Miller is 23 years old and from Columbus, Ohio.  During the intro, Howie and Sharon are excited to see his performance, but Piers says Pizza Patt definitely shouldn't be here tonight.  Patt comes out and starts doing some crazy tricks with pizza dough, then starts juggling 2 pieces of dough around in the air, and then his assistant brings out one that is on fire.  About halfway through, you guessed it, Piers gives him an X.  Sharon said it's a juggling act, but it is done very well.  Howie said that he's seen it before and didn't think it was all that great.  And of course Piers didn't like it and thought it was just a big waste of time.

Kristina Young is 22 years old and is from Spearfish, South Dakota.  During the intro, the judges are excited to hear her on stage and tell us she has a great voice.  She comes out singing "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.  She does seem to have a very big voice.  She is surrounded by 6 guys dancing around all clad in leather.  The audience seems to like her, and for once Piers didn't X someone.  Howie thinks that she was good and wonders if the pressure might have got to her a little bit.  Piers says that she it wasn't a bad performance, but doesn't think it's as good as some of the other singers that have a better shot at winning the competition.  Sharon thinks that she has a very loud and strong voice, but doesn't know if that was the best song choice for her voice.

16 year old Maestro Alexander Bui has been playing the piano since he was 4 years old.  He tells us during his intro that he wants to show America that there is more to music than Lady Gaga, well, ok then…  He is on an elevated platform for his performance, and playing a song that I don't recognize.  He plays a few noticeable wrong notes and Piers gives him an X.  Scratch that, Sharon gave out an X!  He is a good piano player, but I just don't see where this is going to cut it.  Sharon said that she actually gave him an X because she found it boring.  She wanted him to play something that is more "classical pop music" and is more relatable to a show like this.  Howie thinks his piano playing was amazing and his hands move so fast.  Piers wonders why Sharon doesn't think that the most talented individual that has been on the show this season doesn't belong on a talent show.  Needless to say, Piers actually liked a performance this evening.

Up after yet another commercial break is magician Dan Sperry.  Dan is bringing the "dark side" of magic to America.  He says he likes to freak out and gross out people.  Dan is kind of a freaky looking guy.  He starts off by wearing a regular mask that turns into a bird when he pulls it off his face. He then pulls out a lifesavers mint and proceeds to show us all as he chews it up in his mouth.  He then pulls out some dental floss and proceeds to somehow make the floss appear to slice underneath the skin of his throat, and pulls out the floss with the lifesaver intact and the floss running through it.  He then pulled the floss through the lifesaver and threw the dental floss at Howie who proceeded to freak out and run away from the table while Sharon and Piers laughed hysterically at him.  We in this household found it rather amusing as well.  Somehow in the mix Sharon's X was accidentally buzzed as Howie jumped away from the table.  Howie says that he thought Dan was great, until he got too close to the table.  Piers thought it was great and gave Dan a standing ovation.  Sharon is laughing uncontrollably and really can't talk at this point because she is laughing so hard.  (For those of you that don't know, Howie has a very bad germophobia problem.)


Tonight's last act is America's choice from all of the YouTube submissions, and her name is Jackie Evancho.  She is a 10 year old singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She is singing some operatic number that I have no hope of recognizing.  The wife and I both can't believe that the voice we are hearing is coming from such a little girl.  How on earth she is making her voice sound that way when she talks like a normal 10 year old girl is beyond me!  The audience and judges give her a standing ovation.  Howie said they wanted to do this show to find that one special moment with that one person, and this was that one special moment with that one person.  Piers said she sounded like an angel and couldn't believe that voice came from her.  He said that tomorrow America is going to be talking about her.  Sharon said it was such a delight for her to be on this show, and couldn't believe that she is that good at such a young age.  After the judges give their praise, Nick tells her that as America's top pick, they are sending her and her family to Universal Studios in Orlando where they will stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.


Wow, what a crazy episode.  I think that after tonight's show there are definitely a few acts that belong in the next round.  Who are your top picks from tonight?  The wife and I definitely have our favorites and have the acts picked out that we think will be going through.  Join us tomorrow night to see who will be moving on to the semi-finals!