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The Skinny


1. Vikings | 4
The Vikings led the league in sacks last year, and there's no reason to believe they won't be at or near the top again. That coupled with Percy Harvin's return skill make the Vikings a safe pick

2. Packers | 10
The Packers had 37 sacks and forced 40 turnovers in their first season in Dom Capers' 3-4 defense. Imagine the possibilities in Year 2


3. Jets | 7
Unless your league puts a premium on points allowed, don't go crazy trying to draft the Jets early. If they still had Leon Washington around to return kicks, it might be a different story

4. Eagles | 8
The Eagles beefed up their front seven, drafting Brandon Graham and trading for Ernie Sims. If they keep using DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin on special teams, they can score bunches of points for your squad

5. Cowboys | 4
Dallas has averaged 47 sacks over the past three seasons, and the Cowboys boast one of the league's top cornerback duos in Terrence Newman and Mike Jenkins. If Dez Bryant sees time as a returner, look out

6. 49ers | 9
The 49ers allowed 17.6 points a game last season, a total that may decline again under Mike Singletary. And don't discount the impact Ted Ginn can have as a returner

7. Steelers | 5
Thanks to James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley, the Steelers should again have a fierce pass rush. A healthy return for Troy Polamalu could make this a dominant unit like the one we saw in '08

8. Ravens | 8
I'd like the Ravens' D/ST a lot more if I knew Ed Reed was at 100 percent and ready to go for Week 1

9. Saints | 10
The Saints defense came out of nowhere last year, creating 39 turnovers and finishing as a top-10 unit. Expect more of the same if free safety Darren Sharper is healthy

10. Giants | 8
Injuries were a big factor in the collapse of the Giants' defense in 2009, but if they can stay relatively healthy, they have too much talent -- especially up front -- to not put up solid numbers


Chargers | 10


Bears | 8


Bengals | 6

14. Patriots | 5
15. Dolphins | 5

16. Texans | 7
17. Colts | 7
18. Broncos | 9

19. Redskins | 9
20. Falcons | 8

Sleeper: The Texans are on the rise defensively, and if it translates to fantasy football, they could finish as a top-10 D/ST

Bust: Don't let the Broncos' 2009 numbers fool you. They're more likely to perform like the unit we saw in the second half of the season, not the one that dominated early

You tell me:

What's more fun -- team defenses or individual defensive players?