After Jake Arrieta's rough outing Sunday, the Orioles' starters have put together a pretty inauspicious beginning to the second half.

Take out Jeremy Guthrie's two quality starts, and the Orioles' rotation has posted a 10.10 ERA in the other eight games on their recent 2-8 homestand.


Really, no one besides Guthrie has been immune to this recent skid -- Arrieta, Brian Matusz, Brad Bergesen, Chris Tillman and Kevin Millwood all contributed to that mark.

Tillman is back in the minors and some of you -- depending on the day -- believe Matusz, Arrieta and Bergesen should join him.

The bloom came off Millwood's rose for many of you around here by early June. And I know some of you want Guthrie traded for prospects while he is pitching well.

The reality is you need five starters in a major league rotation. That includes the Orioles.

There are plenty of choices, especially if you throw in the most recent young gun, Triple-A Norfolk's Zach Britton, and the current relief duo of David Hernandez and Jason Berken -- both of whom I think should stay where they are, but, to be fair, were previously starters.

The question is: Are there five choices that you could live with? Five Orioles pitchers you want to see start games -- in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, until October does you part?

Let's not play fantasy baseball -- though this is, technically, a fantasy bar. Don't bring in Roy Oswalt via trade or Pedro Martinez via free agency. I want to know whom you would name to your starting rotation for the final two months of the season given what the Orioles currently have in their organization.

Pick five starters for the end of the year. And tell me why this is the group you want to see in the majors.

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