Baltimore Sun

THE (midnight sun) SITUATION is July 15 at Tiki Barge

Calling all Midnight Sunners: THE (midnight sun) SITUATION kicks off at 6 p.m. Thursday July 15 at Tiki Barge in South Baltimore (pictured).

Remember, this is a "Jersey Shore"-themed event, so GTL beforehand, and put some gel in that hair, bro.

Fist pump! Hee hee.


I will be handing out the 2010 Best of the Best of the Best Awards there, so brace yourselves, bar owners. I'm going to ROCK YOUR WORLD.

Well, maybe ...


I've spent most of today dreaming up the awards, and writing little blurbs for them. The Best of the Best of the Best Awards story is going to be on the cover of this week's Live!, too. Double fist pump.

I want a strong showing at this one, gang. It's going to be historic.

Now, the best way to get to Tiki Barge is to head south on Key Highway and make a left into Harbor View Marina (just past those fancy Harbor View condos). Then you park, and walk to the end of the main pier. You'll be able to see the palm trees in the distance. 

Also, if it rains, we're just going to walk over to Little Havana.

It's going to be one serious party. See you there!

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.)