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The Epic Dundalk Bar Crawl Part III

Who knew it would get this big? Who knew a little bar crawl out in the blue collar 'burbs would be so off the chain?

Every year, the name gets a little longer and the stories get a little wilder.

At first, it was just a Dundalk Bar Crawl. Then it was the Dundalk Bar Crawl Part II. Now, it's grown into a full-fledged franchise: The Epic Dundalk Bar Crawl Part III: Return of the Midnight Sons.


Our first stop was The Glass Grill (pictured), which has all kinds of crazy, colorful blown glass sculptures inside. A two-man band was knocking out some cover songs in the corner, but most of the folks were chilling outside on the patio.

Then we hit up Mo's, which had those ridiculously cheap Samuel Adams drafts. Bluefins came next, but it was kinda dead.


At one point, we dropped by a bar which didn't make the final story ...

I can't remember the name offhand (my notes are at work and I'm typing this from home), but it was also a packaged goods store.

The bar, like so many Dundalk bars, was U-shaped, and the men's bathroom smelled like it hadn't been cleaned in 10 years. It was rank. We also got this scary vibe from the other folks in there. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but we bounced pretty quickly. It wasn't our scene. At all.

As always, we ended the night stuffing our faces at Denny's. We were that table. You know, the rowdy 3 a.m. table every waiter hates to serve. We didn't care, though. The place was practically empty and I made sure to tip heavier than normal.

Finally, Midnight Sons rolled out, leaving Dundalk in ruins -- a few wisps of smoke wafting up from the rubble.

(Baltimore Sun archive photo)