Steve Blake is a Laker

It's official: Steve Blake is a Los Angeles Laker.

The former Terrapin from the 2002 championship team proved again how popular an unselfish guy can be in the NBA.


The NBA is full of talented young players eager for somebody -- anybody -- to throw them the ball.

Blake is a guy who tied an NBA record for assists in one quarter in 2009. He had 14 in the first period while playing for Portland against the Clippers.


I wrote a profile of Blake in 2007. It was about how how he overcame initial NBA jitters ("I was so nervous my legs got weak"), how his family helped him keep faith in himself despite playing for four teams in three seasons, and how he waited for the right situation with a team that appreciates him.

Bottom line: Blake is a classic overachiever, the NBA equivalent of the kid who gets picked last in a pickup game only to grudgingly earn respect. He is ultra-competitive, never stops working, and has improved his 3-point shot.

Blake and his family enjoyed living in Portland -- he did two stints with the Blazers. Now he's looking to rent a place in Los Angeles.

The Lakers were particularly interested because it's uncertain if they will reach a deal for guard Derek Fisher to return next season.

Blake ended last season with the Clippers. The Los Angeles Times says he signed a four-year, $16-million contract with the NBA chanps.