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SoBo Cafe fan tries to rally diners

Someone just passed along news of an unusual restaurant fundraiser at SoBo Cafe. The unusual part is the fundraiser isn't for some sort of charity, but for the restaurant itself, which apparently needs more customers. I'm posting the entire appeal, made by an enthusiastic SoBo patron, because it says something about how passionate people can get about their neighborhood haunts. Here goes. LV

Save the SOBO Cafe!

Start Time:    Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:    Friday, July 16, 2010 at 2:00am
Location:    6-8 W. Cross Street, Federal Hill



SOBO Cafe needs your help!!!! I'm not sure if you've heard the rumors, but the poor economy is about strike down one of Federal Hills original and favorite restaurants. Many of you know the slightly eccentric & cooky owner Brent Ludke. As a born & bred South Baltimorean he was here as one of the first restaurants in the neighborhood, prospered as our little village revitalized, but now has fallen on hard times as the economy has declined.

Known for their large plates, world famous meat muffins, chicken pot pie, mac & cheese & spinach pie we also love it for what makes it uniquely Federal Hill. The chalk board menu with the great cartoon depictions of life in our town, the photo copied, hand written (often hard to read) table menus in the plastic slip. The irregularly changing local art on the walls. Even the occassional night when you had your heart set on a big mobtown steak only to find Brent hadn't shown up. You walked away frustrated, but only for a second as you laughed it off thinking, "Well, that's our Brent!"

This place is one of the places that make our neighborhood so great. It's not a chain where every thing is manufactured & they give you the best of service until you're finished when they ignore you so you'll leave and they can get another sitting at the table. SOBO is as casual as you can get, it doesn't matter what you wear or who you are, they're happy to see you & everyone gets treated just the same. As a foreigner to this town, this is the one attribute of Baltimore that really gives it it's charm!

While SOBO needs some immediate patronage to address some pressing bills, what we really need is for you to make a commitment to get down there on a regular basis. Just a couple of times a month will make all the difference. You'll get a great big meal at a great price & you'll keep one of the true characters of our town in business. You'll also do that little bit to stave off the declining value of your own home as for each little local business that closes it's doors, it depresses the value of our town that little bit more.

Don't let SOBO Cafe close. It'll be a sad day for Federal Hill if it does.


SoBo Cafe's Summer Ale and Mustard-Brined Pork Loin with Birch Beer Barbecue Sauce, Spuds and Veggies. Sun photo by Algerina Perna