Since it is July, and the Orioles have nothing to play for, discussion this time of year turns to the trade market.

The truth is the Orioles don't have a whole lot of trade chips right now. That happens when you have the worst record in baseball.


Kevin Millwood looked like a potential hot commodity in early May, but a terrible June and now a stint on the disabled list has sapped any value there. Since he'd probably pass through trade waivers, he could be dealt in August for something if he pitches well.

Ty Wigginton probably has the most value, but Orioles fans have to be realistic in what they can expect for him. Wigginton might only be able to bring back a fringe prospect or two, so the club may consider holding onto him.

Miguel Tejada would have to be the right fit for a team to give up anything for him. Lefty Will Ohman also has some value for a team looking for a lefty specialist.

All the above are pending free agents at season's end. The Orioles have other potential trade chips in Jeremy Guthrie and the injured Luke Scott, but both are under team control next season.

Really, the players with the most value are the ones that this team is counting on for the future, guys such as Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Brian Matusz, Nick Markakis, Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman.

Heading into this year, I'd say the players in the above group were untouchables. But given this disastrous season, I am not sure anyone in the organization should be untouchable in a trade now.

Certainly, some of those above would require an impressive package in return for the Orioles to deal them. But is any Oriole untouchable in your mind these days?

Daily Think Special: Should the Orioles have any "untouchable" players in trade talks?