Samuel gets ejected, then lets players have it

Don't be fooled by his wide smile and hearty laugh. Orioles interim manager Juan Samuel can get quite hot at times, and last night was one of those times.

Samuel lit into home plate umpire Mike Everitt in the eighth inning after his first career ejection as manager. Samuel, miffed at Everitt's strike zone and frustrated with the play of his own team, yelled at the umpire from the top of step of the dugout after Frank Mata didn't get a call with David Ortiz at the plate. Everitt motioned for him to get back in the dugout and when Samuel yelled back, he was ejected.


Once that happened, Samuel sprinted from the dugout and went chest-to-chest with Everitt, yelling and gesticulating wildly. Crew chief Tim McClelland separated the two.

"Well I thought some calls could have gone our way and they were not going our way. So we kind of were a little vocal about it, and at the time, it probably was not right but you got to fight for your players," Samuel said. "To start, I did not say a whole lot to get thrown out. Once I got thrown out, you got to go out there and say something, but we just thought some calls were not going our way."

Once the rest of the team joined the manager in the clubhouse following the 9-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox, Samuel gave them a stern lecture about their sloppy play, which continued into last night's game with two more errors and several other plays that should have been made.

"We definitely need to get better," said Samuel whose team has made 14 errors in the last 12 games and has four straight multi-error games. "Even though last week we won some games, we did not play good defense. We have to pick it up. We need to do all those little things if we're going to compete in this division and win some ball games."

Asked if he has been happy with the team's effort, Samuel said, "Not tonight at all. It's been good, don't get me wrong, but we need to show up every day and play a professional ball game."

Both Nick Markakis and Adam Jones said that the team deserved the lecture.

"We didn't play defensively like a big league team today," Markakis said. "We made bonehead plays."

Said Jones: "He played the game one way and when he sees the game not being played the way he played it or the way it should be played, I think he gets frustrated – as he should. I think everybody else on the field gets frustrated."