President Barack Obama used "The View" Thursday morning to do more media criticism, especially in answer to a question about Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official who was forced to resign last week by his administration on the basis of a wildly misleading video.

Sherri Shepherd brought up the Sherrod incident within the first 15 minutes of Thursday's interview and ended her question by asking Obama: "Do you think American is still racist?"


The president didn't answer that question. Instead, he reminded the audience that he had talked to Sherrod last week, adding, "She's a wonderful woman."

And then, he blamed everything that happened last week in connection with Sherrod on the media.

He said the problem was that we now live in a "a 24/7 media culture that is always looking for controversy ... and doesn't always get to the facts first."

"The lesson I want people to draw" from the Sherrod debacle, he said, "Let's get the facts straight before we act."

Joy Behar served up one of the biggest softballs with a question that was more of statement as to how the "right wing," which she defined as "Fox News and other outlets" seemed to be controlling the "narrative" of his presidency.

So, she asked, showing she was clearly upset with the situation, "Where is your attack dog ... ?"

"Joy, that's your job," he said.

Here is the full exchange. It is almost too embarrassing to reproduce verbatim, but it really needs to be included to give a sense of how shameless things got on ABC today.

Behar: "You've really done a lot, I think. You've signed 200 plus laws since you're in office, financial reform has taken place, you've got health care, two women on the supreme court...and yet the right wing, through Fox News and other outlets, seem to be hijacking the narrative. Where's your side in the narrative? Where is your attack dog to come out and tell the American people, 'listen, this is what we did?'"

Obama: "Joy, that's your job."

Behar: "I do it! But I'm only one woman!"

That's it: Everyone in the media should be an "attack dog" for the president. Thart's what's wrong with the media today -- we've got it all wrong. Our role is not to be a watchdog ON government, as many of us were taught in journalism school. No, our role is to be an attack dog FOR the president, which is what they apparently teach in suck-up school where Behar must have gone.

Here's a link to an ABC News account of the interview that includes Obama saying that he wasn't invited to the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. I'm sure this will be the headline in lots of venues online, so let's not ignore it.