Lots of little stuff from interim manager Juan Samuel today.

Here's what we've got:


As we had reported earlier today, Kevin Millwood comes off the DL and pitches Thursday against the Minnesota Twins. That means Brad Bergesen definitely gets his start Wednesday against the Tampa Bay Rays. It's important to make it a good one, but Samuel said the way Bergesen pitches Wednesday isn't the main factor in who gets demoted to make room for Millwood. The team is likely leaning toward sending Chris Tillman back to the minors, but that has not officially been determined. Tillman isn't scheduled to start until Sunday.

"We're not really putting [the decision on Bergesen's performance]," Samuel said. "Obviously if those guys do the job, it makes it easy for us to make a decision. But we're not really waiting to see if he will perform well or how he does. Hopefully, he will do a good job for us. We need our starters to go longer. Hopefully, he will give us that."

At this point, the rotation will be pushed back a day. So Bergesen pitches Wednesday, Millwood on Thursday, Guthrie on Friday, Matusz on Saturday and Tillman on Sunday. Samuel said there has been no discussion of a six-man rotation, so someone will get bumped. He also said he has not been informed of any pending trades that would give him roster relief.

Reliever Michael Gonzalez (shoulder) will be activated from the DL either after Wednesday's game or before Thursday's. He will be eased back into the bullpen, being used in nonpressure situations. His velocity is better, but he needs to better locate his other pitches. Samuel thinks that will happen as the level of competition, and therefore his concentration, increases.

"We're still trying to make the decision which way we're going to go, whether it's going to be a pitcher or a position player when all these guys come back," Samuel said. "I think [president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail has] got his hands full trying to figure out which way we're going to go."

The Brian Roberts (herniated disk) situation is also fluid. Samuel said the team would prefer not to return him to the majors on the turf in Toronto. So, if he is deemed OK after his rehab assignment in Bowie, he might join the team for the Toronto series, but could be used as a pinch hitter and not play the field. Then he would return to the field in the Kansas City series, which starts next Thursday.

"For me, the ideal place for him is Kansas City. I don't know if we want him coming back from his rehab with the kind of injury he had on Astroturf," Samuel said. "We have to be smart. We do not want to see him have a major setback. I'm sure he's going to push his way into playing in Toronto, so we have to be smart with this."

Samuel added that Matt Wieters (hamstring) looks like he could return when he is eligible Sunday. Samuel doesn't expect Wieters to need a rehab assignment.

One last thing: Corey Patterson (heel) isn't in the lineup but could be used as a pinch hitter or defensive replacement. He could start Wednesday.