Lindsay Lohan, Sonic, GOP and more rants for Monday, July 26

Lindsay Lohan {thanks, AP}

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I hate that celebrities can commit crimes and not be treated the same as any regular civilian. You know, they shouldn't be above the law. Look at Lindsay Lohan. If they do the crime they should do the same time.

You know city water is bad when a little boy on the light rail says, "Ew, dirty water."


To the person that hates that there are no Sonics in Baltimore: There's one coming on Liberty Road in Randallstown. Oh, happy day!

To the guy who passed us Saturday on I-695: Your car sounded like a hair dryer. Not very manly, is it?

I hate when people have attitudes and try and take it out on someone else. Sorry, but your problems [aren't] my problems.

No more closures of Charles Street on the weekends. The MTA's weekend operations people are not competent enough to handle routing three bus lines.

Republicans don't care about you!