We wanted to believe, LeBron. We really did.

We wanted to believe that you would deliver an NBA championship to Cleveland and that you'd play your entire career in a Cavs uniform. We gave you everything over the last seven years (actually more when you consider your high school days): adoration, unabashed loyalty and respect.


What did you do? In one of the most selfish, arrogant and classless acts, you spit on the last seven years. Tonight, you showed everyone what Cleveland and Akron really meant to you. Nothing.

We, the faithful Cavs fans, wanted to believe that you were different. You say it's about championships? Please. Try winning a championship with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh guarding someone. Didn't you see how the Celtics reached the NBA finals and the Lakers won it all? It was defense, LeBron. Wade plays ole' defense and Bosh can't cover his shadow.

Who's going to cover Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson of the Magic? Or Rajon Rondo of the Celtics? Even Amare' Stoudamire of the Knicks? Derrick Rose of the Bulls? Not you, Wade or Bosh. And that's just the Eastern Conference.

So try to justify this move. You said it was about change. How many times did Cavs owner Dan Gilbert change the roster for you? He really sacrificed the future to make you happy. And the team won big in the regular season. But the last two years, you fell short. That's right, you fell short.

The playoffs are supposed to be about superstars elevating their games and their teams to new heights. Kobe did it. Rondo did it. You did not. And yet the blame goes to Mo Williams or Shaq or Antawn Jamison. Never you. But you know the truth. It was you who came up small, especially against the Celtics.

Maybe that's why you went to Miami. Wade can carry you. Maybe even Bosh, who's as overrated as they come, can chip in. Because in the end, you're the one who didn't deliver a championship to Cleveland. Not Mo, not Shaq, not Antawn. It was King James, the Chosen One, who failed.

Yet all that pales in comparison to tonight. You went on national TV and disgraced your hometown, Akron, and Cleveland. You let down the people who had given you so much. You again looked small.

We wanted to believe.