'Hell's Kitchen': Two sent home and a tornado storm warning

Hell's Kitchen starts almost immediately with a cooking challenge. Host Gordon Ramsay has recruited a bunch of culinary students to judge the aesthetics of the contestants' gourmet dishes. An overconfident Jay predicts that he will win the competition, but instead he finishes in the bottom two, and Benjamin and Ed are the top.

The editor of Epicurious.com picks Benjamin as the winner, and as a result, he and his dish will be featured in Epicurious.com. Benjamin goes on a bragging spree while the other contestants clean the kitchen.

And then ... well, I'd love to tell you, but a tornado warning interrupts. UGH! More bad local news commentary.

By the time the show comes back, the contestants are in the kitchen doing dinner service, and Ed is messing up on cooking fish, which slows Jay on vegetables. When Ed finally serves the fish, Ramsay yells that it is not cooked properly, and Holli steps in.

When Ed finally gets things right, Ramsay starts complaining about Benjamin's steak, but Benjamin puts the blame on Ed.

Benjamin serves orders to the wrong table, driving Ramsay into a tizzy that results in him kicking Ed and Benjamin out of the kitchen. (One of them is going home!)

Another tornado warning break. When the show comes back, suddenly Whoopi Goldberg is eating dinner. Apparently, she is the VIP guest of the night. All the remaining chefs finish the dinner service.

Ramsay singles out Ed and Benjamin. He says that Ed should know how to cook fish and that Benjamin cannot lead. He tasks the cooks with choosing the two worst cooks overall.

Benjamin, Jay, and Holli say Autumn. Jay also says Ed and Jason should be the second choice. Jay says that Jason "scares" him. (Seriously? Wow!)


The group nominates Autumn because of the sheer number of times she's been nominated, and Ed because of his difficult services. Ed pleads his case to Ramsay saying that he's a good multi-tasker, communicator, and a better chef than Autumn. Autumn says she is a lot more consistent on the cooking line. Ramsay says that Autumn is getting better, while Ed is disintegrating, so Ed is sent packing.

Ramsay says that Ed's strong start made him a favorite, but he didn't finish strong.

The second hour starts with a recap of the first hour. (Thank goodness.) During the part we missed thanks to the warnings of the storm that didn't materialize, apparently Jay confessed that he wants to sleep with Holli, and Benjamin got a makeover as the result of his win in the challenge. (He still looked like a Simpsons character.)

Jay, Benjamin and Jason lament Autumn's still being in the competition, and Autumn declares that she is going to win the next challenge.

The next day, Ramsay meets the chefs at a high-end market, where he challenges them to make a gourmet meal with $10 in 30 minutes.

Ramsay introduces three guest judges, who are charged with setting a price for the dish that the contestants made. The contestant who commands the highest price wins the challenge.

Jay is the early leader. Jason's store bought ravioli tanks. Benjamin's dish does not wow the judges. Autumn's dish lands her ahead of Benjamin, which makes her pretty excited, but Holli impresses the judges and wins the competition.

The losers have to wash and iron all the uniforms and napkins, while Holli gets a day of pampering, choosing Jay to join her.  The two spend the day flirting. We find out that Holli has a 4-year-old son who lives with his father, and Jay says he's absolutely single.

Meanwhile, Autumn continues to drive the rest of her teammates crazy.

Jay and Holli return to Hell's Kitchen, and get cozy in the hot tub. Autumn, who just might be the most annoying person in the history of the show, actually joins the pair. (I bet Jay wanted to throw her in front of a speeding train at that point.)

Just before dinner service, Ramsay tells the contestants that they will rotate throughout the service to test their adaptability and communication skills. It's a disaster.

Jason gets blamed for undercooked beef Wellingtons because Holli doesn't time the meat properly. Benjamin overcooks the fish, which doesn't sit well with Ramsay.

The pace is frantic! Almost all of the cooks are messing up. Jay doesn't cook the fish correctly, either, which makes Ramsay scream. Jay, who is doing a bad job communicating, then messes up Holli when he sends up the Wellington early. Holli is not ready with the vegetables because he tells her the wrong cooking time. Jay then almost messed up Autumn on the next switch. Benjamin jumps in on Holli's station. He messes up the scallops. Jason overcooks the halibut.

It becomes apparent that Benjamin has a problem being vocal. He doesn't even respond to Ramsay, who is yelling out directions to him. (That's not good.)

Ramsay's sous chef Scott takes over as Ramsay leaves the kitchen. Benjamin thinks this means he can step into the leadership role, but Scott curses him out to the high heavens, which makes me laugh so hard I almost choke on my drink. (Good! Benjamin is so unlikeable, you find yourself openly rooting against him.)

The group finishes the dinner service, and Jason says that Benjamin and Jay struggled the most.

Jason and Jay argue in the living area while everyone else starts deliberating about the bottom two. They pick Benjamin for his lack of communication and his bad last couple of services. Their other choice is Jason for his lack of culinary skills.

Benjamin says that he overthinks cooking and add that he thought he did a good service. (This greatly surprises Ramsay, who disagrees.)

Ramsay sends home Jason, which is complete garbage. (He intimidated his teammates, which resulted in them attacking him.) Ramsay says that Jason has a future in the industry.

"He just didn't instill the confidence I needed to see in a head chef," Ramsay says.

Jason says he loved the experience but he'll never do a show like Hell's Kitchen again.

What did you think about the results?