'Hell's Kitchen': More bad cooking and attitudes

Welcome to this week's episode of "I Can't Cook: Please Yell At Me" staring an angry Brit and a cast of mostly incompetent, egomaniacs.

Enter Benjamin who begins the episode dissing Fran and her substandard cooking skills. (The carefully placed scene can only be an indication that Fran is likely going home, or that Benjamin is going to have to eat his words.)

Chef Gordon Ramsay (The Angry Brit) starts off the first challenge of the episode by cooking a chicken dish for the contestants. One catch: the meal is a frozen dinner. The contestants, who are suck kiss-ups totally throw compliment on top of compliment on the dish.) When Ramsay tells them that the "gourmet" dish they just consumed is actually a frozen dinner the contestants groan in disgust. (They realize that they have been tricked, and that they have demonstrated how little they in fact know about fine food.)

He uses the demonstration to embarrass the contestants, and show them that they do not have a good pallet. (Kiss-up Jay backtracks and says that the chicken is watery, which makes the other contestants groan in more disgust.)


Ramsay tells the bunch that he is going to give them a blind taste test of a series of foods. The team that correctly identifies the most items wins the competition.

Jay wins the competition for the blue team. As a reward, they go to Sea World for the day.The red team is tasked with cleaning and unloading items for the restaurant. Benjamin incorrectly signs for a shipment of wine, which results in his teammates having to unload and reload the heavy crates of wine.


Ramsay then tasks both teams with creating their own menu for the night's dinner service.

Jay and the blue team want to make easy, great-tasting foods.

Benjamin vetoes most of Nilka’s ideas in favor of his own.

Before the dinner service, Ramsay samples all the dishes.

Ramsay hates all of Benjamin’s dishes. Ramsay loves all of Holli’s desserts. Ramsay turns his attention to the blue team. He says that their food lacks creativity. He also says their food is too easy.

The blue team revamps its dishes. The red team—led by Benjamin – decides to keep their menu.

Benjamin refuses to work with his teammates. He says Fran can’t cook. (We've heard that before.) He also doesn’t trust Nilka.

Fran helps to support Benjamin's claims when she incorrectly slices chicken, which drives Ramsay mad.

Ramsay turns his attention to Autumn who serves a raw pork. When she doesn’t cook the pork fast enough, Ramsay kicks her out of the kitchen. He tells her to explain the delay to the customers.

Nilka drives Ramsay crazy when she doesn’t grill asparagus. She claims that the grill marks are not showing up, which is why she decides to cook the vegetable in water. (Ramsay is incensed.)

Ramsay says that Autumn has a bad attitude. Jay steps in and sends Autumn to desserts. Ramsay tells Jay that he should have sent her to desserts hours before. (Ouch!) Ramsay turns his attention to Fran in the red kitchen. (She just served raw chicken.) He starts yelling her name to get her attention. The camera jumps to Fran who says “Whatever. Send me home.”

At the end of the dinner service, Ramsay says that both teams are pathetic. He says both teams lose, which means that each team needs to nominate one person to go home.

The blue team nominates Autumn for having a bad night. The red team nominates Fran for her “rough” dinner service.

Ramsay says that Autumn has become an embarrassment in the blue team.

Fran complains about the lack of communication. Nilka interjects and says that Fran couldn’t cook the chicken properly.

Ramsay sends Fran home. Ramsay then sends Autumn to the red team.

The next day Ramsay challenges the teams to cook a lobster dish. He brings in introduced three Michelin Star chefs to judge their work.

The red team wins because Holli’s dish was deemed the best. As a result, the red team spends the day sampling caviar. Each team member also receives $1,000 to spend.

Ramsay tasks the losing blue team with cleaning the living area and prepping both kitchens for dinner service.

The blue team can’t get their kitchen done in time leaving them at a disadvantage. As a result, Ramsay combines both kitchens.

Nilka has a melt-down. First, she serves raw scallops. Ramsay yells at her. (Blah, blah, blah.) Nilka then serves raw fish. Then she improperly cooks lobster. Ramsay takes Nilka aside and lets her cry in frustration.

Ed gets yelled at by Ramsay for burning pots on the garnish station.

Ramsay turns his attention back to Nilka, who has just served raw lobster. Ramsay kicks her out of the kitchen and tells her to take off her jacket. (Insert insane, uncomfortable-to-watch meltdown.)

She cries uncontrollably. She begs Ramsay not to send her home. Then she throws a plastic “Wet Floor” sign onto the ground.

Nilka comes back into the kitchen and repeatedly begs to stay in the kitchen. Ramsay has to tell her teammates to convince her to leave. Nilka finally leaves. She packs up her clothes.

I am surprised to see Ramsay waiting for her outside of a waiting taxicab.

"You walk out of here with your head held high," Ramsay says.

"You have done phenomenally well," he adds.

Ramsay returns to the remaining contestants and informs them that they completed the dinner service with fifteen minutes to spare.

Ramsay still tasks the group to nominate two contestants.

Ed is nominated for his struggles on garnishes. Autumn is also nominated for being the weakest cook on both teams, Benjamin says.

Instead of kicking out anyone, he gives all the contestants a new chef’s jacket and congratulates each one for being in the top six.

Ramsay says he kept the remaining chefs because they had an excellent service.