Jared Gaither said he had no anticipations about the Ravens' first full-team practice. That's why he seemed untroubled by his continual rotation between the left and right tackle positions Friday.

"I have no expectations," he said. "Really, when I was coming into camp, I just planned to keep my head down and work. That's what I'm doing. That's my approach every year. No matter what happens, work."


Gaither said the coaching staff has not given him any indication where he will start and that he's fine with it.

Asked if that uncertainty can be a problem, Gaither said, "Like I said, I'm just here to work. That's my job title, to be the best football player I can become, and that's what I'm going to do."

Gaither and second-year pro Michael Oher rotated at those two positions when the first offense on the field. Oher began on the left side and Gaither on the right, but they seemed to get an equal number of reps at both spots.

Gaither acknowledged that preparing to play both sides can be taxing physically and mentally.

"It's extremely hard," he said. "That's just a part of the job, I guess. But I'm taking on that role – me and Mike. It is what it is."

Gaither said he wasn't bothered that his name had been floated amidst trade speculation. Similarly, he said he didn't hold a grudge.

"I'm not a disgruntled person," he said with a smile. "You know that from every interview. I'm happy and cheerful and smiling all the time. Disgruntled, no. I would never do that to the organization, and I wouldn't do that to my teammates, to cause a distraction or anything. If there's ever a problem, I would just go to the coach and discuss it. It's like anything else. But I would never be disgruntled or try to cause any problems or anything like that."

Gaither said he has shed 25 pounds of excess weight to relieve the stress on his toe and foot, which had sidelined him for more than a month during the team's offseason workouts. Lighter and stronger, Gaither said he's suited to play anywhere the coaches designate him, and that's part of the reason why his view on his future remains optimistic.

"Well, I'm blessed," he said. "I have a base to play pretty much a lot of positions. So whatever they decide is best for the team and me, if I'll fit there, I'll do it."