Baltimore Sun

Dogwood reopens for lunch

Dogwood, which reopened for dinner in December, seems to be making a full comeback from last year's shutdown. 

"We're reopening for lunch in the dining room!" reads an e-mail from the Hampden restaurant.

"Galen has brought back all your favorites: The Rachel, the Chicken-Apple & Brie, and the Beef & Blue.


"Come join us for your favorite Dogwood sandwich, a refreshing all-natural smoothie, or a crisp summer salad with local lettuces."

The e-mail continues:


"Dogwood also has teamed up with two dynamite catering professionals: Jean Wade-Mayer and Emily Villarreal, who are helping us expand the capacity of our catering business.

"Lunch and catering are both integral to the success of our apprenticeship program, as they offer entry-level jobs to our employees in transition. Think about supporting The Dogwood and our trainees during the dog days of summer."

Sun photo by Lloyd Fox