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Running it back:

Ed Reed wants more support (and more money) from the Ravens. ... The Orioles lost to the Rays, 5-4, in an afternoon rubber match. ... The Orioles shook up their roster Wednesday morning, with former closer Michael Gonzalez returning to the 25-man roster. ... Brian Roberts appears to be ready to roll.

Los links!!!:

1. Media reports on Reed are getting carried away; he could play in Week 1 [NFL.com]

2. Here's a look at the training camp battle between Ken Hamlin and Tom Zbikowski [Baltimore Beatdown]

3. Wait, the Steelers and Bengals are still in the AFC North? [Pro Football Weekly]

4. Camden Yards is one of a growing number of ballparks with all-you-can-eat food sections [SI]


5. The Padres could be suitors for Miguel Tejada at the trade deadline [S.D. Times-Union]

6. Could Joe Mahoney be the future at first base for the Orioles? [Camden Chat]

7. Kevin Cowherd supports Adam Jones' bubble blowing [Baltimore Sun]

8. An oldie but a goodie from reader Doug Marshall: Tom Brady gets preferential treatment [Bang Cartoons]

9. I missed out on Tim Kurkjian bobblehead night? Dang! [D.C. Sports Bog]

You said it:

"but without Mike Gonzalez the Orioles couldn't threaten for WORST BASEBALL TEAM IN HISTORY." -- @canicemurphy on Twitter responds to the news that Gonzo had returned

Today's water cooler question (your response could be published in b):

Are you worried about the recent comments made by Ed Reed and Joe Flacco?

Video of the morning:

Ray Lewis would be proud of the hit that Tampa reporter Charley Belcher threw on this young skateboarder

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