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Baltimore police now publishing mug shots

Baltimore police are now publishing mug shots of wanted suspects. It's a new adventure in social media for a department that more than most other agencies uses the Internet to announce breaking crime.

Today's first batch can be viewed here and by signing up to Nixle, which provides alerts from city police. The cops also have a Twitter account that can be directly fed to your cell phone as incoming text messages.


Here is a sample of one of the computerized "wanted posters," though not a lot of information is divulged about the crime, where it took place or where the suspect might be:

Attached are photos of individuals wanted by the BPD. Contact 410-637-8970 if you have info on their whereabouts
Photo 1

Sky Weaver


M-B 6'0" 215lbs

DOB: 08/03/1990

Charges: Robbery