Adam Duritz's Baltimore roots

Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz may be a Baltimore native, but he doesn't have strong roots to the city. He's more like David Hasselhoff than John Waters.

Duritz was born here but moved when he was 3. As a kid, he would come back in the summertime to visit his grandmother, Selma Feldman.

Since Duritz and the rest of the Counting Crows are playing Pier Six Pavilion Monday (get tickets here), I interviewed him about what he remembers of Baltimore. 

The piece ran in today's Live section (check it out) ...

Feldman would take Duritz duck pin bowling (she belonged to a league). At night, they would watch "Bowling For Dollars," a TV show hosted by Duritz's second cousin, Royal Parker.

When the Counting Crows toured through Baltimore for the first time, Duritz insisted the band go out to dinner at Obrycki's. And in 2004, when Feldman passed away, it was a turning point in Duritz's life.

For some reason, the last time The Baltimore Sun interviewed Duritz was waaaay back in 1994, when the Counting Crows first broke out. I'm glad we were able to catch up with him this time around. It was one of the more memorable pieces I've done.

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