Baltimore Sun

The Heat and Dr. No

No sooner had the Hammer of Heat descended on Baltimore for the weekend (and the week to come), than the Baltimore City Public Works Department followed up with a list of cool refreshing things we MUST NOT DO as we seek to relieve our misery.

DO NOT OPEN FIRE HYDRANTS: Sure, it's hot on the sizzling streets of Baltimore. But an open hydrant flows at a rate of 1,000 gallons a minute, enough to throw a child out into the street, and into the path of traffic. It's happened before. It also lowers water pressure, and that could hamper firefighters and make it harder for hospitals and high-rises to get water to their upper floors. Plus, we're all paying for that treated water. That's "money down the drain," the DPW says. Use a garden hose.

NO SWIMMING: At least not in the city's reservoirs. We all have to drink that water, after all. Plus, as recent tragedies remind us, the reservoirs are deep and dangerous and laced with swift currents. Besides, there's a $1,000 fine if you get caught. Try a city pool. Or, use a garden hose.


If you do visit the city's lush watershed lands, Dr. No reminds us, there is "NO LITTERING, NO ALCOHOL, NO FIREARMS, NO CAMPFIRES.

Boating and fishing are OK, if you have a permit and comply with fishing regulations.


Have fun! But use a garden hose.

(SUN PHOTO: John Makely, 2005)

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