'Hell's Kitchen': Ramsay steps in and mixes things up

Here's John-John on this week's Hell's Kitchen:

The episode began with Jason flying off the hinge after he felt that his teammates "threw him under the bus." He was in full temper-tantrum mode.

What a coincidence that this week's episode was all about teamwork. As a result, Gordon Ramsay opened up the kitchen for lunch to build teamwork among the contestants. The customers were 100 members of the USC marching band.

Jason was struggling during the service. He wasn't communicating with teammates or Ramsay, which resulted in Ramsay jumping down his throat. Jamie was struggling on burgers, and Scott ("Mr. Perfect") served a raw burger.


The women’s team won and prepared to enjoy their day at the beach with Ramsay.

Fran said she was putting on a “MILF” outfit. (I almost spit out my food.)


The women headed to Malibu in vintage cars. Meanwhile the men were cleaning up garbage from a gigantic ditch, which didn’t look fun at all.

Ramsay greeted the women on the beach. Ramsay, who is a former professional soccer player, challenged the women to a game of soccer, them against him and his family. (Are you getting tired of the team theme? I surely was.)

Going into the dinner service, the teams felt very united. I was wondering how long that would last.

Fran commented that she needed to have a good service. During the prep portion of the service she burned her hand with boiling water. (Not a good start.)

Holli and Salvatore worked as assistant maitre d.

Ramsay complained about Salvatore’s handwriting on his tickets. (Salvatore all but admitted that he didn’t know how to write English.) Holli, who said that she worked at IHOP as a teen, breezed through the orders.

Maria didn’t cook the risotto properly. Nilka helped her out, and Maria finally made the food to Ramsay’s standards.

Scott improperly cooked potatoes, which resulted in Ramsay screaming at him.

Jason struggled on garnishes! (Seriously?)

After Salvatore got a mouthful from Ramsay about not writing the proper cooking temperature on the order, he stormed out of the kitchen. (Surely this couldn’t be a second week in a row where a contestant left the show by their own choice. Weird Andrew did it last week.)

Salvatore said if his team lost he would put himself up for elimination.

Meanwhile, Fran had to recook a steak. She asked her teammates for help on meat. Jason continued to struggle on garnishes. Jamie continued to struggle on vegetables. Siobhan served raw halibut.

Fran continued to mess up on cooking meat. She started to cry in pain because of her burned hand. Autumn came over to assist, and Fran chewed her head off.

Like a trouper, Fran got her hand addressed by a medic and quickly returned to the kitchen.

Both teams completed service. But Ramsay said that the men’s team won. He told them that Benjamin was the reason.

The women’s team was tasked with choosing nominees for elimination, and Jamie’s name came up almost immediately. Maria said the only thing that Jamie had was an “excess amount of weight.” (Wow!)

The women chose Fran and Jamie. Jamie burned the mashed potatoes and the carrots, Nilka told Ramsay.

Fran told Ramsay that she had drive. Ramsay said he was worried because he didn’t think he could “teach an old dog new tricks.” (Ouch, Fran!)

Jamie was sent home, and it was more than time.

I was totally ready for another elimination in the second hour of the competition.

Scott and Salvatore stayed up late working on strategies to make Salvatore successful. (I don’t trust Scott at all.)

The next day, Ramsay challenged the teams to develop a meal based on a group of ingredients won during a dice game.

The men’s team won: halibut, endive, salsify, crab, peas and bacon.

The women’s team won: beets, shallots, mango, ham, turnips and duck.

The team’s had 30 minutes to come up with a dish using the six ingredients. Ramsay generally liked the offerings by the two teams. He thought that the women’s duck had too much fat. He thought the salsify was too bitter for the men’s team. The duck fat did in the women’s team. The men won by a tiny fraction, according to Ramsay.

The men went “skydiving” in a wind machine. The women had to clean the prep hall of the restaurant and prep for the night’s dinner service.

During the prep, Maria started crying because she was overwhelmed. (Seriously?)

Ramsay announced that during the dinner service, the contestants would be cooking for a roomful of minor celebs, including Kevin Frazier from “Entertainment Tonight” and Debi Mazar, an actress from “Entourage” and onetime Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Can I say how much Scott really annoys me! He was being extremely condescending to his teammates under the guise of teamwork. (And was I the only one who notices that regal sounding music that was played each time he talked during a confessional?)

Back in the kitchen, Siobhan couldn’t cook the pasta correctly. (In her defense, the lobster was incorrectly labeled as crab, which caused Ramsay to scream.)

Autumn used tongs instead of a spatula to pick up fish. Ramsay yelled at her for this.

Know-It-All Scott incorrectly cooked meat. (But how could this be possible?) Meanwhile, line cook Nilka rocked the meat station. Back to Scott, who had been bragging about his superior culinary skills, served raw meat again. Ramsay honed in on him and cursed him out. Salvatore, who was under Scott’s “wings” earlier in the episode was having no problem cooking halibut.

Both teams completed their dinner service.

Ramsay said he was amazed at how good both kitchens were during the service.

Ramsay said Nilka and Salvatore did a great job. As a result he charged each to nominate a member from each team to be eliminated.

Nilka chose Autumn because she didn’t perform to her full potential. Salvatore chose Scott because he didn’t cook the meet properly.

Ramsay said that Autumn was the appendix of her team. “Everyone wants you out,” Ramsay said. He also called her “soulless.” Autumn said she loved food and that she wasn’t soulless.

Scott said he was too much of a leader, and Ramsay said that Scott was not as good as he thought he was.

Ramsay then threw everyone for a loop and announced there was not going to be an elimination. Instead he sent both cooks to the opposing team.

Both contestants vowed to cook to the best of their ability. (Blah, blah, blah.)

It should be interesting to see how both contestants mesh with their new teammates.