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Baltimore restaurant recommendation

I just heard from a Harford Countian seeking Baltimore restaurant advice.

"I'm taking someone out to dinner on Saturday night from out of town, and I would like to take her to a nice restaurant in the Baltimore area," he writes. "Cuisine could be anything from Italian, French, Asian or American. Could I ask you to name a few restaurants that would fit the bill?"

Since that request was rather broad, I asked Harford Countian to give us a little better idea of what he's looking for.


He e-mailed back:

"The restaurant doesn't have to be super fancy, but nice. On the order of a Tio Pepe's or Morton's but maybe something a little newer and trendier and a little low key.


"I'd like to go into Baltimore City. ... Price range can be moderate $$-$$$ (I thought I'd use the international symbols that all restaurant reviewers use for pricing! LOL)."

Can someone help him out?

Harford Countian is looking for Morton's-level nice, but maybe something a little hipper than a place with a 48-ounce Porterhouse for two. Sun photo by Amy Davis