Another two-hour 'Hell's Kitchen'

John-John reports on last night's Hell's Kitchen:

The last time we saw Hell's Kitchen, the show featuring the cursing Brit, Scott and Autumn received a stay of elimination and switched teams.

Autumn called her teammates a bunch of female dogs.  (Well not exactly. But you get the point.)

The next day the chefs came outside to see Gordon Ramsay sharpening his knives in front of a muddy pen filled with pigs. (Somebody call PETA!)

Fear not. The contestants only had to catch the little pigs, which were each wearing a different ingredient name around their necks. Each ingredient was to be used for a cooking challenge.


After a fast cleanup, the teams split into pairs.

Scott quickly established himself as a bossy know-it-all. (Surprise, surprise.)

Nilka and Fran's first dish of prunes and blood sausage was not appreciated by Ramsay, who spit out the food.   (In all fairness, it was Scott who decided to pair the two ingredients.)

Jason messed up when he didn't listen to Autumn, who suggested that he make a honey mustard sauce. (He vetoed her decision. Ramsay later said that honey mustard actually would have been a better choice.) Maria messed up by serving up a sweet potato soup instead of showcasing pork as the main ingredient.

The blue team won the challenge. As a result, the blue team went to a spa. The red team was punished by having to round up the pigs and wash them off.

Later that evening, Salvatore emerged as an "Italian Dr. Phil," according to Fran. (He has an uncanny ability to make his fellow competitors comfortable around him. He got Siobhan to admit to participating in fetish balls and other activities while working. Holli, who claimed to have the largest porn collection ever, also admitted to filming adult movies with ex-lovers.

The next day, Ramsay told the contestants that for the first time, Hell's Kitchen would be serving barbeque.

Nilka started frying chicken hours before the dinner service, which made Ramsay start cursing. I believe that was his first meltdown of the episode. (Twenty-three minutes into the episode might be a record.)

Just before the service, Ramsay said that because of the extreme demand, he double-booked the evening. That meant that each team would cook in the kitchen for two hours.

Maria undercooked the crab hush puppies. Ramsay yelled. Salvatore revealed that he never went to school, which accounted for him not being able to write properly. (Ramsay probably felt like a jerk for yelling at him about his handwriting.) Nilka and Fran started yelling at each other for not communicating. (Pretty ironic.) Fran rebounded by having a fantastic service on the appetizer.

Autumn encouraged her customers to send back their food as a form of sabotaging the blue team.

Scott overcooked the fried chicken, which caused Ramsay to curse him out. Ramsay diverted his attention to Siobhan who attempted to serve a raw burger. Ramsay smashed it with his hand.

Ramsay praised Jay for cooking apetitizers. Salvatore struggled in the kitchen when he wouldn't communicate with the rest of his teammates.

Ramsay screamed at Holli and Maria for putting in two orders for the same table. A few seconds later, Maria messed up another order. Ramsay turned his fangs onto Jason who fried chicken in the same grease as the French fries.

In the end, the red team lost the dinner service. "It's almost as if you guys hate each other," he told them.

Because of her fantastic dinner service, Ramsay chose Fran to select the two team members to nominate for eviction. Scott totally threw Maria under the bus saying that she wasn't as into the competition as he was from the beginning of the service.

Scott later approached Fran in private and lobbied to get Maria eliminated from the competition.

Later, Fran nominated Maria and Nilka for elimination. (WOW!) Nilka said that she was surprised by Fran's last minute decision. Even Ramsay looked shocked.

Once again, Fran used that lame "poor teamwork" excuse for Nilka. Hmmm. What's going on there? That same excuse had been used for Autumn in the past. It's highly suspicious given that neither woman was the weakest cook of the service. Maybe these contestants are slightly threatened.

Ramsay called up Scott, and told Nilka to go back into line because she was safe. Ramsay challenged Maria's passion and pride. Scott said he worked extremely hard. He said he possed leadership technique.

Ramsay kicked out Maria.

Maria said she didn't show her heart. She said that Scott didn't have as good a service as she did.

Nilka started the beginning of the second episode on a tirade. She cursed out her entire team. She told them to kiss her buttocks. (Use your imagination.)

"It was the wrong decision," Fran said of nominating Nilka. Fran vowed to put herself up instead of Nilka in the future.

The next day was about using the five mother sauces — tomato, hollandaise, bechamel, veloute, and demi-glace. Ramsay wanted to test the chefs' creativity with the mother sauces. Ramsay mother and wife came to judge the offerings.

Despite losing to Nilka in the head-to-head challenge, Ramsay singled out Jason's dish as the most note-worthy dish of the day. As a result, the blue team won. The red team had to clean both kitchens as punishment. The blue team ate at a British pub.

Autumn beat her new teammates in a dart challenge. Each member of the blue team was then given cookware as a reward.

Meanwhile, Siobhan was having an allergic reaction to the cleaning products being used in the kitchen.


Later during the dinner competition, Siobhan didn't know that pasta had to cook in boiling water which ticked off Ramsay. Salvatore committed a mortal kitchen sin by lying to Ramsay about how he cooked a dish. (He attempted to add uncooked Risotto to a near-finished dish to stretch out the amount of portions.) Ramsay said he could not trust Salvatore after catching him in the lie. (Uh oh.) Ramsay told Benjamin to watch Salvatore.

Nilka forgot to add lobster to the Risotto, which resulted in him yelling at her. Fran overcooked scallops, which resulted in Ramsay throwing up his hands and heading over to the blue kitchen. Ramsay then started fussing at Jason about not keeping pace cooking chicken. Ramsay focused his attention on Scott, who undercooked the beef Wellington. He pulled him into the back room, and yelled at him some more.

Ramsay was spreading the love all over the red team. After 90 minutes of mishap after mishap, Ramsay kicked out their entire team.

Ramsay and his sous chef's finished cooking the remainder of the red kitchen's food. Ramsay called the red team back to clean the kitchen. He said it was the most disorganized service in the history of Hell's Kitchen. (That is saying a lot!)

During the team deliberation, Scott basically said that his teammates were horrendous, and had no cooking experience. All the insults didn't go over too well with the red team. Fran announced that she and Scott were the bottom two teammates.

Ramsay asked Fran why she was nominated. She responded that she didn't know. She added that Siobhan should have been nominated. When Ramsay asked Nilka to make sense of the confusion and asked her the best chef on the team, Scott jumped in with his typical arrogance.

"I'm the only one who works in fine dinning restaurants," Scott said.

"You could have surprised us by the way you produce," Fran quickly interjected.

Ramsay made a comment about the bad teamwork. He then called up Scott, Siobhan, and Fran for nomination.

Scott said that he's a hard worker. He said he was the best cook and leader on the team.

"This team will die if I'm not here," Scott said.

"I can't take it anymore.," Ramsay said in reference to Scott's constant self-promotion. "I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting."

During his confessional, Scott said he was going to continue and be the best chef. (Whatever!)

Ramsay then sent Benjamin to the red team. Ramsay said the team was in need of leadership.