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The Daily Flower

We've all seen those books of daily devotions, designed to get us through the day with a good thought or a greater purpose.

Like "Chicken Soup for the Soul," there is a daily devotional for every demographic, from teens to men, from tree-huggers to C.S. Lewis fans.

Now there is a daily dose for the gardener, too.


Britt Conley is the photographer behind The Daily Flower, a feature on her blog, The Photo Garden Bee.

When she was laid off by USA Today in December 2009, she decided to follow her passion and photograph the "most magical, intimate, majestic, romantic and historic" gardens she could find, and share those photos with the world in hopes that more people would visit these gardens.


Photo credit: Baltimore Sun/Lloyd Fox

On her blog, she posts her travel schedule and asks for suggestions for gardens she should visit.

But she says she is always shooting with The Daily Flower in mind, and those images are powerfully rendered in black and white as Conley called on her days in the darkroom.

A recent surgery and the sudden death of her mother put Britt behind, but she is back behind the camera again, trying to make up for lost time. She has posted a montage of "daily flowers" that did not run during her recouperation.

So, gardeners, if you need a daily dose of flower power, Britt is there for you!