Baltimore Sun

Resurrection Ale can contest

Early this morning, Midnight Sunner Jason Z came up with a brilliant concept:

Sam, I'm thinking a photo contest with the new Resurrection can. Have the readers take pictures of them drinking it in weird places or drinking it in weird situations.



The cans hit bar and liquor stores later this week -- available pretty much wherever you've seen the bottles of Resurrection.

Pick up a six-pack (they'll run you about $10), put one of the cans in a funny situation. You can be drinking it, or it can be sitting somewhere weird. Take a photo and send it to me -- ...


The deadline to send me photos is May 31. I'll post all the photos on Midnight Sun, and we can vote on them together. The winner will receive a wickedly awesome prize, which just might possibly be a free six-pack of Resurrection -- or something even better, if such a thing exists.

Midnight Sunners assemble!

(Photo courtesy of Brewer's Art)