Here are some observations from the Ravens' first minicamp last weekend:

*In their three-wide formation, the Ravens preferred to let Anquan Boldin line up in the slot and work over the middle. Derrick Mason and Donte' Stallworth were split out wide.


*Participating in the Ravens' offseason conditioning program has made a difference with linebacker Terrell Suggs, who seemed to be all over the field.

*Rookie nose tackle Terrence Cody takes up a lot of space. But everyone knew that. His quick feet were more of a revelation.

*The best showing in the first offseason workout was – wait for this one – Demetrius Williams. Yes, he looked awful in the playoffs. But Williams seemed to make the most big plays this weekend.

*Cory Redding, the only new starter on defense, is more versatile than Dwan Edwards. Redding lined up in nearly every spot on the defensive line during the three-day camp.

*Just based on first impression, rookie wide receiver David Reed could make more of an immediate impact on offense than previously expected. The fifth-round pick appeared to have knack to get open.

*Cam Cameron doesn't want his offense to be known as a gimmick one. But the Ravens worked on a dozen of trick plays and formations. They lined up in the wildcat with Willis McGahee taking the direct snap. Ray Rice threw a touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin. It was quite entertaining.

*The only negative from camp was the knee injury to rookie offensive lineman Ramon Harewood. Luckily, he should be back in time to participate in rookie camp in June.

*Expect the Ravens to sign free-agent cornerback Travis Fisher, who had a tryout this weekend. Adding an eight-year veteran is a plus but the Ravens probably need to add another cornerback before training camp.

*The Ravens made the right call on moving Michael Oher to left tackle. It's extremely important for the coaches to feel like they can depend on that one position on the offensive line. Jared Gaither's work ethic has made him too undependable.