Meaning of Sawyer's favorite books is 'Lost'

As a regular, if not entirely devoted, viewer of 'Lost' since Season One, last night was bittersweet. And while I was -- overall -- pleased with the finale, there were a few disappointments. One of them came up before the finale even began.

The creators of the hit ABC drama made it clear that they never wanted to talk down to their viewers, their goal was to make people think and that this season was all about answers. And being the book nerd that I am, I paid special attention to the books. When Ben was reading "Ulysses" on the plane, I thought it was a clue to the story playing on my screen. Juliet clutching a Stephen King novel pointed to her supernatural death, perhaps? The fact that Sawyer discussed the oh-so-sad ending in "Of Mice and Men" with Locke in the woods was clearly foreshadowing one of them getting shot in the head by an ally. Right? RIGHT?

Well, it turns out that the books featured in "Lost" -- such as "Alice in Wonderland," "The Turn of the Screw" -- were simply books that the creators really enjoyed, they explained in the two-hour recap that aired before the finale. Which is cool, I guess. If I had a world-renowned television show, I'd probably push a few of my favorite things onto the audience as well. (In fact, without this show, I would never have heard of Walker Percy.) But that's the last time I over-think a TV show, man. 

Regardless, Oprah's website featured a slideshow of a few of Sawyer's favorite books throughout the season. And they're all worth a read, even if they don't explain what the heck that four-toed statue meant.

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