Good to see Orioles manager Dave Trembley is making it a priority to get Brian Matusz straightened out.

The young lefty looks confused out on the mound, never more so than in the first inning of the Orioles 6-1 loss to the Oakland A's Wednesday.


He gave up four runs in that inning -- including Adam Rosales' three-run homer -- marking the second straight time he's been roughed up in the first inning.

And he's starting to take on that bewildered look that Brad Bergesen wore a few weeks ago when nothing he did was working.

Watching Matusz mow down opposing batters with his great stuff was supposed to be a highlight of this season for Orioles fans.

But he's just 2-5 with a 5.76 ERA after 10 starts, and you don't want to see him get in a negative mind-set this early in his career.

There's enough negativity surrounding this team -- you don't need your most promising young pitcher getting caught up in it, too.

That's why it was good to hear Trembley's post-game remarks in which he said about Matusz: "We've all got to find a way to get him more in line and be consistent right from the very beginning. The first inning tonight wasn't him and it cost us."

"I am just in a bad groove," Matusz told reporters after the game.

The truth is, there are a lot of players in that clubhouse in a bad groove right now.

But the Orioles can't afford to have Matusz stuck in that groove for too long.

Not if he's one of their building blocks for the future.