Baltimore Sun

Farmers' market mess

The Baltimore Farmers' Market was a mess of morning-after-Preakness proportions today, according to a regular shopper who just contacted me.

Ankle-deep trash, as she described it. A Dumpster the size of a house blocking the main entrance. It was so bad, my tipster said, that vendors were forced to set up across the street.

She attributed the mess to a nearby bar that had been holding some sort of multi-day "Zombie fest." That was her word for it, but it jibed with all of the people dressed in black, leather and studded dog-collar accessories I'd noticed walking past my office on Calvert Street the past few days.


I've put out a call to a vendor, but haven't heard back yet. Any other vendors or shoppers out there want to share?

Sun file photo of after-Preakness mess