Largest contestant wins 'The Biggest Loser'

John-John reports on the finale of The Biggest Loser:

I guess it made sense that the largest contestant on what seemed like the longest season of The Biggest Loser won the competition.

Michael, the onetime larger than life Chicagoan, won $250,000 last night after months of sweating, swearing, and screaming on The Biggest Loser ranch. He lost 264 pounds, which is more than half his original weight of 526 pounds.

Good for Michael! But, thank goodness it's done! I honestly wouldn't feel so sick of the show if it wasn't for the fact that it is sooooo drawn out. Think about it for a second. Evan Lysacek was prepping for the Olympics when The Biggest Loser began. He won a gold medal in the Olympics a quarter of the way through the season. He was selected for Dancing With The Stars a little after that. And he was dancing in the Dancing With The Stars finale the same night as The Biggest Loser finale. Too much Biggest Loser. Too much!

Anywho, the episode starts with Daris getting America's vote and making it into the final three with Ashley and Michael. Daris also reveals that he now has a girlfriend. (I'd be interested in knowing how they met. And whether or not him being on the show had anything to do with this new "love connection"? I know. I'm so pessimistic!)


We check in with three former winners: Erik, Danny, and Bill. (Since I haven't really watched the previous seasons, I really don't care too much.)

Shay from last season is also back. If you remember, she was issued a weight loss challenge last season. Let's see how much weight she's lost, and how much money she'll make (the challenge was that she would receive $1,000 for every pound she loses). Fifty-two pounds! Good for her. She's supposed to receive a $52,000 check, but her check is left blank to encourage her to lose more weight by next season. Good luck, Shay!

Bob and Jillian share their favorite moments of the season. Bob says watching O'Neal climb the stairs was memorable. (Surprise, surprise.) Jillian likes to watch the contestants address their fears. (Funny how those fears seem to stem from her. Just saying …)We see all the contestants—dressed to impress--paraded out in small groups. Each one gets a little video recap of their time on the show, and then they chat with host Alison for a quick second before weighing in.

Here's how they did:
Migdalia: -52 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 19.62
James: -128 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 26.39
Andrea: -84 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 28.19
Patti: -73 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 30.04
John: -149 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 30.79
Cherita: -91 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 32.85
Cheryl: -76 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 33.48
Lance: -128 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 35.07
Stephanie: -99 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 37.50
Victoria: -136 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 37.99
Miggy: -91 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 37.92
Sam: -142 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 38.17
Melissa: -90 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 38.63
Maria: -114 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 40.57
O'Neal: -159 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 40.87
Sunshine: -114 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 41.45
Sherry: -99 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 45.41
Darrell: -189 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 45.76
Koli: -215 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 53.35

A few quick observations before I get to the final three. Melissa looks like she could try out to be an American Gladiator. (Whatever happened to the remake of the show anyways?) Migdalia will likely always have a crappy attitude. (I wouldn't be laughing if I watched a video clip of myself having a temper tantrum.) Even though James lost 128 pounds, I really don't see much evidence of it. Andrea and Darrell don't appear to have much personality at all. (It must mean that they are normal in comparison to the drama queens surrounding them this season.) I realize that her name is Sunshine, but does that mean she has to wear a yellow dress? Seriously? Seriously? Miggy's short, sassy hair cut looks so nice on her. I wish the show would have shown more of the romance between Stephanie and Sam. When I learned about their relationship a couple months ago, it totally came as a shock to me as well as a lot of watchers. And I really think that Sherry should get some type of award for the amount of weight she has lost. At her age, I'm sure it's not easy.

And am I the only one who thought that Koli was a little strange in his response to winning the $100,000. I'm not talking about his initial reaction of screaming and gesturing to Sam. That was nothing new. But I got the sense that he was a little upset/angry when Alison was asking him how he was feeling.

"I just want to go home," he said. "I just want to go home and be with my family. I feel great."

(Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But I just thought it was a tad strange.)

Anywho, it's now time for the final three. Daris looks phenomenal! That Simpsons character hair is gone. He's got on a nice tan sports coat. He looks great! You really can't see any evidence that he was formally obese. (Daris fans: this is my attempt at a truce after all those weeks of harping on how Daris didn't seem to be giving much effort.)

Ashley comes onto stage wearing this Pepto Bismol-colored pink and red dress. It is just as bad as Koli's pink pants and grey sports jacket combo. Project Run-AWAY! Ashley looks decent. Her outfit doesn't.

And finally a bronzed Michael struts on stage with this black leather sports jacket, jeans, a T-shirt, and a Liberace-inspired skull belt buckle. He looks like a shell of his old self. His face looks much younger. And you can really see how attractive he is. The same can be said for all the finalists.


One by one they weigh in. Here are the results:
Daris: -168 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 48.55
Ashley: -183 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 48.93
Mike: -264 pounds. Percentage weight loss: 50.19 

The ending seems to go by kind of fast. Before I know it I'm watching the beginning of Parenthood. There's no real interview with Michael. All I'm left with is a sea of confetti flying around; and Michael's family rushing the stage. For all the time they gave promoting Jillian's new show Losing It With Jillian, they could have spent a little more time getting more of a reaction from Michael.

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