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I'm loving Beard's new music video for "Florida"

Jason Dove (pictured) may have a new band called Beard, but his devilish sense of humor is the same as it ever was.

Owen Long sent me the new music video for his song "Florida," and I can't stop watching it. My cube-mates are probably wondering why I've been laughing so much today.

The song is a hot and heavy garage rocker, straight out of the '70s. But the video is where it's at.


"I read your Midnight Sun blog, and wanted to share this with you, because it features two things that you like, Baltimore bar folk, and music," Long wrote in an e-mail. "Maybe you like cougars too, I don't know."

Check this out ...


Beard - "Florida" from owenlang on Vimeo.

Tell me this isn't awesome. I dare you. The woman in the white tank top and shorts is Patti, the bartender from Long John's Pub in Remington. Patti is known for singing karaoke while she bar tends. Now that's multi-tasking.

I love the shot of Dove in his sailor's hat, biting into a ripe Florida orange. Juicy! The tanning bed shots are also funny in their randomness.

I hope you liked it. I know I do.