Baltimore Sun

Gray skies will make slow exit

Saw a few patches of blue sky this morning, but the gray appears to have won out for the moment. Forecasters out at Sterling assure us the low-pressure systems - one in the Atlantic and the other over the Great Lakes - that brought us these long days of gray and drizzle are moving slowly away.

There are still a few chances for some showers in the afternoon Wednesday, dropping no more than a few hundredths of an inch, as some small disturbances are swept around the backside of the departing low as it heads for New England.

Then, as we sleep tonight, the clouds will clear off as well, with sunshine on tap for Thursday and Friday. Daytime highs will reach the 70s again Thursday, and the low 80s by Friday. Enjoy it, because the high pressure will move off quickly, allowing another low-pressure system out of the Great Lakes to cloud us up again for the weekend.


Rain chances rise to 30 percent Saturday if the forecast holds up, with the best chance for rain and thunderstorms on Sunday. High pressure and drier, sunnier weather is expected once the new workweek gets rolling. Of course.

(SUN PHOTO/Jed Kirschbaum, May 2010)