Jared Gaither would become the 16th lineman to start at least one game at right tackle for the Ravens in 12 seasons. Here's grading the players who started the most games at right tackle for the team that season:

1999: Everett Lindsay (eight starts at right tackle). Versatility was his biggest strength (he could play every position on the line). Still, he was too light for tackle and could get overpowered at times. Grade: C.

2000: Harry Swayne (13). He stepped up when the Ravens needed him the most, holding his own in the Super Bowl against New York Giants sackmaster Michael Strahan. The Ravens, though, jumped on the chance to replace him with Leon Searcy in free agency about five weeks later. Grade: C-plus.

2001: Kipp Vickers (9). Career backup was shoved into a starting role after Searcy was injured in training camp. Grade: D.

2002: Ethan Brooks (13). He was known more for his false starts than his blocking ability. But Brooks did fill the void after the Edwin Mulitalo experiment became a disaster. Grade: C-minus.

2003: Orlando Brown (13). ‘Zeus’ played a major part in Jamal Lewis’ 2,000-yard season. But his unnecessary roughness penalty proved to be the biggest mistake in a wild-card loss to the Tennessee Titans. Grade: B-minus.

2004: Orlando Brown (13): A knee injury forced him to split time with Brooks throughout the season. Wear and tear began to set in for this mauling lineman. Grade: C.

2005: Orlando Brown (9): Injuries and age slowed Brown considerably this season, during which he rotated with Tony Pashos. Grade: C-minus.

2006: Tony Pashos (16). Solid starter played better than expected and cashed in as a result. The Jacksonville Jaguars overpaid him after this season, giving him a five-year, $24 million contract. Grade: B.

2007: Marshal Yanda (12). The rookie played out of position (he’s more suited for guard), but he gutted it out with toughness. Grade: C-plus.

2008: Willie Anderson (11). His play didn’t resemble his Pro Bowl days, and the Ravens needed to give him help throughout the season. His veteran presence made a big impact. Grade: C.

2009: Michael Oher (11). His athleticism and toughness led to a second place finish in the NFL offensive rookie of the year award. The Ravens rewarded him by moving him to left tackle in 2010. Grade: A.