Baltimore Sun

Of Facebook and privacy control changes, daylight savings time and smoke alarm batteries

File this post under "I'm tired of hearing about Facebook privacy issues so much that I'd rather sleep while standing":

Are you tired of hearing about the Facebook privacy debate? Don't you just wish the company could just get it right? Are you concerned that toddlers across the land are tired of the Facebook privacy debate too? (See left.)

I think we all -- and Facebook -- should now agree to revisit the website's privacy issues twice a year, every year, when we turn our clocks forward and back. This Facebook-privacy debate has become such a ubiquitous phenomenon that we just need to settle on a periodic method for dealing with it, so it becomes automatic.


In my proposal, we will all be reminded bi-annually to double-check our privacy on Facebook, change our clocks and replace the 9-volt batteries in our smoke alarms.

Through all the public service announcements on TV and radio that cover clocks and smoke alarms, add double-checking your Facebook privacy settings to the list.