Nicole Scherzinger wins 'Dancing with the Stars'

I didn't think I had the energy for live blogging tonight, but seeing these fabulous dancers again brought me back to life. So, here goes.

Kate Gosselin moves like a truck and absolutely takes the air out of a high energy opening number. Oh, I remember this drill. I know why they brought her back, but why did they let her on the floor?


Nicole Scherzinger and Derek lead off with a fabulous Argentine tango. Wow, she is astonishing.

Never mind, Evan Lysacek and Anna are even better. This time, Evan is all precision, and the judges say they love it.


Now it's Erin Andrews and Maks. OK, she just did a flying leap onto the shoulders and into the face of Maks that was stunning. And that after all the fighting the two did on a video filmed at rehearsal. Andrews made this tango soar.

Here are the rankings for the tango: Nicole and Derek (30 points), Evan and Anna (28 points) and Erin and Maks (26).

Here comes the filler so that ABC can sell more ads at top dollar for an audience of 20 million viewers.

The first three contestants to be eliminated return to the floor. I am going to be kind and say only that I am reminded why they were eliminated. The ads really are getting tiresome. And I fear I will still have to get through the return of Kate Gosselin to the dance floor before I can return to the competition.

Oh no, I forgot about Jake Pavelka. I hate this guy. And that teary-eyed farewell they just showed on videotape makes me want to gag.

Why am I not surprised that the top argument of the year featured Kate driving Tony crazy, and then saying she is confused as to why poor Tony is cracking up. Remember that great moment with Kate saying Tony can't quit? She really is a nasty person, isn't she?

Oh, no, they just eliminated Erin and Maks.

"I came here under really crummy circumstances, and I just wanted to get my life back. I just wanted to get my smile back," Erin said. "He brought me back to life," she said of Maks.

Very classy, Erin, way to go. You won a lot of fans including this critic. You really worked hard and grew more than anyone else on the stage.

I liked Erin a lot, but it's true that Evan and Nicole are far and away the best dancers. This is going to be a high-flying showdown. (Do I really have to watch Kate fake her sullen way through another dance before I see who won? I hope not.)

More commercials. I'm going mad.

OK, you know I am college professor and I love students. But I do not want to see them dancing right now. More filler: The college dance champs fropm Purdue University.


And here's the Utah Valley University troupe. There's a Utah Valley University? OK, I was being a little East Coast snobby, I know. But I'm getting cranky here.

It's OK, Utah Valley won and Len told the kids, "You are all winners." This is a new low in filler tripe.

Oh no, Kate's going to do the paso doble again.

Oh, the videotape is too much. Kate says, "I would guess that probably 90 percent of my audience doesn't like me."

And she uses that to explain why people think Evan and Nicole are better. Delusion, thy name is Kate.

It was awful -- worse than anything she ever did before on the show. She clearly didn't rehearse a step. She looked like she was moving in cement. What is it with this woman?

Can we please get back to the people who do it the old fashioned way -- and work ffor their success?

All I can say about Pamela and Niecy is that I hope the kids were in bed when they took the floor -- especially Pamela.

Oh lord, seeing Derek and Nicole doing "Proud Mary" was worth suffering through every second of filler.

Wow, Len is blown away and practically declares Nicole the winner.

"Crowning glory," screams Bruno.

"You set this place of fire," adds Carrie Ann.

This was a fabulous TV moment -- seeing these two dance this dance.

Viva, Nicole, the judges give them a perfect 30 -- and it is a totally righteous score.

Quick step from Evan and Anna. It was very, very good -- but not in a league with Nicole and Derek. The judges are saying nice stuff to Evan, because they know he lost. There is 10 minutes left, but he just lost it -- not because he did anything wrong, but rather that Nicole and Derek shot out the lights.

Still, Evan is handling it with styloe and class.

Wow, Carrie Ann gave a 10. But 9 each from Bruno and Len.

Nicole and Derek are seven points ahead overall, according to the judges.

But what about the fan votes? Yes, what about them? remember how distrustful we became when kate hept coming back supposedly based on fans votes?

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Nicole and Derek are declared the winners. Yes, yes, yes, yes. It is a righteous call. Evan was great, but Nicole was superb, and she was through the roof tonight.

Lord, is that not the cheapest looking trophy in the world? ABC made tens of millions of dollars this year with the big ratings for this show, and they hand out avt6rophy like that.

I don't care. I'm glad I came back tonight for the finale. It was a pure joy to see Nicole and Derek dance. I had a good time despite the presence of Kate Gosselin.

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