Two things in particular were hard to watch during the Orioles 4-3 loss to the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark last night.

One was reliever Koji Uehara's sideburns.


He's a nice guy, but those might be the ugliest sideburns in the history of facial hair. It looks like he glued a couple of garden stakes to the sides of his head.

Speaking of Koji, isn't it about time baseball comes up with a new rule about how many times you're allowed to take off your hat to wipe your head while pitching?

MASN broadcaster Gary Thorne pointed out how often Koji was doing this last night. And once you started paying attention to it, it drove you crazy.

Then there was Adam Jones' ugly throw following Nelson Cruz's sacrifice fly in the ninth inning that scored Michael Young and gave the Rangers the win.

Sure, Young has some wheels. Even a perfect throw might not have nailed him.

But we'll never know, since Jones' throw was high and way up the third base line.

So instead of having a slim chance of cutting down Young, the Orioles had no chance.

And what followed was the predictable camera shot of the downcast Orioles gathering up their equipment and filing out of the dugout.

It's a shot we've seen way to many times this season.