Let's do a little Wednesday-evening quarterbacking of last night's American Idol, shall we? This morning, on my drive in to work, I heard Adam Lambert on the radio, and it just made me realize how lackluster this Top 4 is. There is some talent, sure, but there's not much personality and there seems to be a lot of fear.

I don't know. I suspect the guest performances by Daughtry and Fantasia are just going to support this feeling.


In fact, right off the bat, Fantasia hits the stage with her song "Bittersweet." "When I think about you, it's bittersweet," she sings. Yes, because she's putting some feeling into it! She's excited about her new album, which is out soon.

Ryan Seacrest brings the Top 4 out on stage and talks with them about what they are looking forward to if they make the Top 3 and the visits home. Their families are actually sitting on the stage on the couches tonight, which is kind of weird.

Results time: Casey James is safe. Everyone else has to wait.

Daughtry is on the stage next ... and remember his season? *thinks back wistfully* Unexpected arrangements, "self-indulgent" staging, stuff you'd talk about the next day, and not in a, "Wow, that was really kind of boring, wasn't it?" kind of way. His advice to the Top 4 is to stay hungry and not compromise the music that is true to each of them.

More results: Lee DeWyze is in the Top 3 (or "headed back to Chicago," as Ryan puts it, making it really confusing for a minute).

But we don't get the final results until after Bon Jovi performs. How tough must it be for the contestants who are still in limbo to sit through this? I know, some of them are recorded ahead of time, but it didn't seem like this one was.

Finally, the rest of the results: Crystal Bowersox is safe (WHEW!) and Michael Lynche is out. Well, I guess he's not quite making his goal of making the Top 3, but I think he's going to be OK. Kara's advice is to just keep on going and keep pushing and keep singing.

The goodbyes are even a little tougher than usual, with Mike's wife and baby up on the stage, too. While he reprises last night's performance, Kara plays the role of Paula and gets up to sing and dance. (Paula, we miss you, too!)

For once the show is actually running early, so we see him hugging the judges and getting some reassuring words from them.

What do you think about the results? I'm pretty surprised it wasn't Casey, but I was worried for a minute it was going to be Crystal, which would have been insane.